Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Memorial Rideout (to Tan Hill) - Sunday 1st July 2018

For our fourth memorial ride-out (dedicated to the Memory of dear friends and ex-Members of the Branch who are sadly no longer with us), we'd decided on a ride to Tan Hill - Wakefield MAG does the 'Tan Hill Challenge (beware the moors).

So, usual meeting place and time etc and 9 of us (Caz, Clare, James, Ashley, Dave, Jay (Dave's mate), Bob, Chas and yours truly) are ready for the off .... only for Dave to find a flat rear courtesy of a large screw .... depart Dave and Ashley ... and the Magnificent 7 set off heading to Castleford, before Aberford, Wetherby, Knaresborough, Ripon and on to Masham. A route we've used before but a cracking one especially given the weather (warm and sunny).

From Masham we headed to Leyburn for a petrol stop for some (no petrol stations after this point for quite a way so no point in risking it) and then out of Leyburn towards Reeth.

Issue no.2: 'Road Ahead Closed' read the sign and I'm beginning to think this bloody destination is cursed!!! OK bit of swearing, quick look at map, chat with other biker who'd stopped and offered his directions and we're back on track towards Reeth and then onto Tan Hill.

The roads were fantastic, there's not much traffic and most car drivers pull over and let us past when safe to do so. There were a few cattle grids, plenty of single track roads, lots of twistys, undulations and humps to negotiate.

Arrived at the Tan Hill Inn around 12.15pm to find Steve W already there (he'd gone up on Saturday and camped overnight).

Made it ....

How posh is Clare? Just look at those napkins ....

James' kite and ............... Billy no mates looking for his bike lol!

After lunch (pre-packed sandwiches) and a shandy or two from the pub, Bob and Jay decided to head home their own separate ways. So 9-2=7 +1=8 -2=6 .... yes, head count of 6 and we set off heading south towards Keld on another very narrow, twisty but fab road.

From Keld we head onto the Buttertubs Pass, once declared his favourite road in Britain by Jeremy Clarkson (yes, I know he's a knob but he's got good taste in roads).

The 'Buttertubs'

The team ....

Either Caz is really interested in what James is saying .... or one of the other two has just farted!

After a second fuel stop in Hawes we headed towards the Ribblehead Viaduct (of the famous Settle to Carlisle Railway fame) where we took a left and back down through Horton in Ribblesdale and onto Settle. It was at this point Caz and myself left the group and Clare took up the lead to get everyone home (or at least as far as before people peeled off etc). We split as we'd decided to head towards Malham Cove and find a camp site for the night as the weather and scenery was just too nice to go home that day.

Camp site found, tent pitched, walk in baking heat meant a stop at the pub was essential, before we headed back to camp for a shower, change of clothes and back to the pub for a fantastic steak, chips etc and a few more pints.

View from the tent Monday morning:

Monday morning was as glorious as Sunday had been so after packing up, we headed back via Grassington, Pately Bridge and Knaresborough where we stopped around midday for a swim in the river.

Knaresborough Lido:

From Knaresborough we headed home arriving around 2pm Monday afternoon.

Loved the ride, roads and company as always and hope everyone enjoyed the trip.

Massive thank to Chas for rear marker and Clare for leading second part of return.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, sorry to Dave and Ashley for not being able to make it, but we'll do it again for sure.

P.S. If you've never seen or heard of the film 'An American Werewolf in London' you won't know what the hell I was on about at the start of this report ... get the DVD or whatever internet/Netflix/download crap is out there and watch it .... my favourite scene is Jenny Agutter in the shower.

Ride safe and see you next time
Martin Burgess
Rideout co-ordinator (1 of 3)