Event Reports

Dales Circular Rideout - Sunday 2nd June2013

Nine of us on seven bikes met at Redbeck Cafe on Sunday 2nd June for our much anticipated Dales Circular Rideout. The weather was glorious and it was pretty much guaranteed not to rain (a rare occurrance indeed), therefore we were slightly surprised we didn't actually have a bigger turnout, still, their loss eh.

A few of us were there early enough to sample the legendary Redbeck breakfasts, and what better way to set yourself up for a rideout. We welcomed along a new member (Buck) who has recently moved 'oop North' to live in Wakefield from Plymouth, seen our rideout on the t'interweb, and decided to come along for the ride (literally !!!).

At Redbeck, ready for the off

Suitabled breakfasted and ready to roll, we set off at 09:00, headed back into Wakefield from Redbeck, and headed through Stanley, Rothwell, Garforth, Aberford, Tadcaster, Boston Spa and to a layby at Collingham, where we were to meet another 2 bikes. John arrived after a couple of minutes, followed by Jagster and Sue around 10 minutes after that.

Waiting at Collingham for a few more of our contingent

With our full complement, we headed into far nicer countryside, passing the Sun Inn at Norwood (the destination of the annual Leeds MAG Fred Hill runs) and arrived at Grassington. Unfortunately, by this point Mick's Sat Nav was well and truely playing up and we actually arrived in grassington several times ..... oh, how we all laughed.

We stopped at a car park near Settle (for a quick break but more importantly a toilet stop) ...

Toilet stop near Settle

... before heading along some fantastic single track roads to Dent, and a Lunch stop. Martin & Sally went off in search of two friends who were camping in Dent, whilst the rest of us hit a Real Ale pub (with multiple brews from the Dent Brewery) ..... unfortunately, as we were riding, there wasn't much sampling of the delicious foaming ales to be done ..... so we sampled the food instead. Several Sunday Dinners, and other assorted dinners were ordered, which on top of the monster breakfasts most of us had earlier, meant the leathers grew that little bit tighter around the waist (must have been the sun shrinking the leather really !!!).

Jagster's leathers were tighter than most as he then helped himself to an ice cream.

Jagger with an ice cream

Suitably refreshed, we then headed along more cracking roads to Sedburgh, then Hawes for a petrol stop. Inbetween of course, Mick's bonkers Sat Nav (don't buy a Tom Tom !!!) dictated several more U turns !!!

From Hawes, we passed through Leyburn, Middleham, Masham and finally at a quick stop in a layby in Ripon, we all decided after 8 hours, we would all rather like to head back the fast route, so we headed for the A1 south, and back to base.

We were promised a Dales Circular tour, and we certainly got one, all 200 odd miles of it (probably only a hundred if Mick's Sat Nav hadn't been playing up !!!). We travelled on some brilliant roads, many of which were single track in places, the weather really couldn't have been better, and spent the day with like minded friends. Perfect.

A huge thanks to Mick (but not his Sat Nav) and Tracy who planned such a fantastic route through God's own County, and thanks to Steve, Jagster, Sue, John, Chas, Terry, Sharon, Martin, Sally and Buck, for making it such a fun and memorable day.