Event Reports

Yorkshire Pudding Rally - Friday 2nd - Sunday 4th August 2019

A few of the Wakefield MAG contingent arrived on Thursday (one of the many benefits of being an event marshal). We set up in our usual Wakefield MAG Village spot, opposite the gate, had a few beers, and enjoyed a BBQ .... OK, there might have been more than a few beers involved, but hey, we were on our holidays !!

Friday saw the punters flocking in, and our Wakefield MAG village get populated with the rest of our contingent. Friday afternoon was messy for some (right Martin ;-) others, notably Steve, had a Friday night marshal shift so had to stay sober ... boo hoo.

A good sesh
Heavily Refreshed

Friday early evening also saw the only real rainfall of the weekend, it hammered down for an hour then cleared up and set the scene for the rest of the weekend ... hot and sunny, just like the YPR is famous for.


Friday evening (for those who hadn't peaked too early) was a continuation of the afternoon, BBQ, then watching the bands in either the Main Marquee, or the Real Ale tent.

Saturday soon came round with many of us nursing hangovers. We tried out the new Escrick Estate Cafe for breakfast, they were a bit disorganised (not used to that many customers) but the wait was worth it.

Watching the Bands

Saturday lunchtime was the kick off of the Custom Show and the Smacked Arse Comedy Show in the main marquee.

Bike Show

This year, a panel of 4 judges had the incredibly difficult job of judging the custom show in the main arena, but by consensus, came up with six show winners, and an overall Best in Show:

Saturday night saw a repeat of Friday night, but a lighter pace of refreshment (as we had all peaked too early, plus had our bikes to ride on Sunday morning so wanted to take it steady).

Watching the bands

Sunday, saw an abortive attempt to revisit the Escrick Estate Cafe (queue was horrendous), so we either catered for ourselves or used up the last of the marshals food vouchers. We all managed to pack up and head off home in the dry, although there was a short downpur of biblical proportions late afternoon / early evening, which thankfully we all missed otherwise it would have been a soaking.

Another splendid YPR, spent in the glorious company of the Wakefield MAG extended family .... does it get any better that that .... short answer to that one ... No !!!!

the glorious company of the Wakefield MAG extended family

A huge thanks to Wakefield MAG's volunteer marshals (amongst many others) for helping to make it happen. Hip .. Hip ... Hurrah !!!