Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Christmas Do - Saturday 2nd December 2017

Our Christmas do was held on Saturday 2nd December, and 16 of us started out at the Estabulo Rodizio Bar and Grill (www.estabulo.co.uk), a change for this year as for the past couple of years we had gone to the Smokehouse BBQ (and the Chinese Buffet in the years before that). It was great to welcome along Manny, Kate, Keith and Karen from Leeds MAG, who joined us for the 'eat and drinkathon' in the Ye Olde Merrie City of Wakefield.

The meal was slightly expensive (as it was the Christmas menu) at £22.95 but this did cover unlimited food (8 different cuts of meat plus grilled turkey), a glass of prosecco and a pudding.

A pudding

However, we all agreed it was well worth it and it turned out to be a cracking meal and a great suggestion by Terry and Sharon - I dare say we will be back in 2018 !!!

Following the meal, we wobbled towards the first pub (Inns of Court) with our full bellies and straining belts. We met another 4 Wakefield MAG members in the Inns of Court, where we had several games of pool and the landlord kindly fed the jukebox for us, so had a constant rock music accompaniment. After several goblets of foaming ale, we made our way to stop No.2, the aptly named 'Jolly Boys' (a cracking new real ale venue).

Just some of the jolly boys (and girls) in the Jolly Boys
Just some of the jolly boys (and girls) in the Jolly Boys
Just some of the jolly boys (and girls) in the Jolly Boys
Just some of the jolly boys (and girls) in the Jolly Boys
Just some of the jolly boys (and girls) in the Jolly Boys

After several thoroughly delicious bevereges, we visited the Calder and Hops (used to be the Gate). Sharon sprouted some wings and turned into an Angel (must be something they put in the beer !?!?!?)

Sharons Angel Wings

We then made the wrong choice by visiting the Strafford Arms (rammed and with no decent beer) - a few however, made the far more sensible choice and sneaked into the Wakefield Beer Exchange instead.

Needless to say, we didn't stay long in the Strafford Arms. Next port of call was the far more amenable Black Rock. Numbers were dropping off by this point but to be fair, we had been on the lash for a good while by then. Following a couple in the Black Rock, we then made our way to the Red Bar (or that pub up in't ginnel). The patio heaters were working at full blast and it was rather pleasant stood outside, drinking and smoking the now obligatory cigars.

Our final port of call for the evening was Hogarths, where the reamining half dozen of us made our different ways home.


A thoroughly enjoyable Christmas Do with the Wakefield MAG (and extended Leeds MAG) Family !!!

Amusing notice in the Ladies toilet