Event Reports

Talk by West Yorkshire Police Force Motorcycle Support Unit - 3rd July 2002

A very impressive turnout for the talk by an officer of the West Yorks Police Motorcycle Support Unit. Visiting Wakefield MAG were members of Huddersfield, Leeds, Dearne Valley and possibly some other MAG branches (apologies if you haven’t got a mention but you will know who you are and you were very welcome & thanks for attending).

Georgina (George) is currently the only ‘active’ female police motorcycle officer in West Yorkshire. George gave her talk about her experiences as a bike cop, the qualifying period, training, work involved and generally ‘what it’s like’. She did a splendid PR job and it really came across that the police bikers are exactly that - Bikers.

Some amusing and interesting stories were told from her work, here are a few:

No need to feel bad about dropping your bike either. The police have all done it at some point, some more than others. These are some of the most advanced riders you will find anywhere so it makes you kind of feel a bit better to know that even the best of them do it.

All in all, a most entertaining talk which went down very well. Wakefield MAG extend a big Thank You to George for taking the time to talk to us. Much appreciated.