Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Christmas Do - Saturday 3rd December 2011

Eighteen of us met at the Chinese Buffet on Trinity Walk at 13:00 on Saturday 3rd December, for the Wakefield MAG 2011 Christmas Do. No sooner were we all seated at our reserved table than we were up again to start grazing.

At our reserved table

First the starters, chosen from a pretty impressive selection on offer, then a bit of a breather before we were up again for seconds, or a start on the main courses for the less greedy.

main course

A good selection of main courses too, then the suites, with the Mr Whippy ice cream machine proving especially popular.

We had all finished by around 15:00, so made our way to The Raven, first hostelry on our crawl of Wakefield. We only stopped for a pint before moving onto the newly refurbished Strafford Arms, with Eddie & Geoff bowing out at this stage.

in the Strafford

We stayed a good while in the Strafford, before moving onto the Black Rock, a great little real ale pub.

Next establishment was Westgate Bar, formerly Yates's. Pete & Linda (on her inaugural Wakefield MAG outing) bowed out here.

Westgate Bar
It was all proving too much for Mo at this point

We lost Ian after a while too, who was looking a little worse for wear at this point. We found out all about Jagster's days as a drummer with 'top' rock and blues band 'Touch & Go', and their extensive repertoire of 4 songs !!!!

After a few drinks we moved on to Reflections, aptly named as we were reflecting why we had picked a bar where we were about the only customers and the music was rubbish. It was here that we witnessed Jagster's pole dancing and air guitar .... Oh Dear, least said !!!!

Air Guitar

We lost 7 more after this bar, but for some it was onward to Fernandez, top real ale and strong foreign lager establishment. We bade farewell to Sue & Lorna after a strawberry beer.

You couldn't have predicted it in a million years (well, OK, you could !!!), but the last 4 survivors ended up at the Grey Horse !!!!! It was at this point that Jagster (somewhat worse for wear) broke his phone demonstrating the PLF (Parachute Landing Formation), or more aptly ..... Pillock Landing Flat (on face !!!)

Pingy and Jenny were the last standing after a marathon 12 hour session.

All in all, a most splendid and entertaining afternoon and evening, spent in the company of our Wakefield MAG extended family. Bravo !!!!!