Event Reports

Dog Racing - Saturday 5th March 2011

About 20 of us rolled up to the Kinsley Stadium at 6:30, for most it was our second visit so check in was a lot quicker with programmes and vouchers passed around quickly.  A brief pause for a group photo, explanation of the vouchers and betting options for newbies, and then off to bag our 3 tables, check out the food on offer and get in line with our vouchers for the free drink.

Team Photo

Programmes and strategies were shared while eating the included dinner and then we all went off to place our bets.  I went for a random trap approach rather than my failed attempt last year to base on past performance, a few braver and more experienced even went for trifectas (choosing 3 dogs to be placed).

Team Photo

The racing started with a few photo finishes to keep it interesting, most  of us won a few races and some of our visitors from York had 2 trifectas come in which was the most luck any of us had.  The rollover lucky dip everyone was entered in took 4 races before none of us were left with a chance, but you can hope for next time as the nights jackpot was thousands.

Not winning much :-(

After the last race, a large table close by who were all wearing flat caps goaded the party boy in a full dog outfit to run the track.  To laughter and cheers he jogged half way round, walked the rest but managed a sprint across the finish, not even close to a winning time though and I am sure the greyhounds had nothing to worry about.

Party boy in full dog outfit running the track

A great night was had by all and i'm sure it will be repeated next year (or maybe even sooner).

A great night was had by all