Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Xmas Pub Crawl - Saturday 5th December 2009

Report by Lisa Brooker

Well it was a typical cold, December night when we all met at the Jockey in town to start off the festivities for our annual pub crawl. About 12 of us turned up to start off with, including my holy tights, Tracey’s porn shoes and Mick’s Xmas tie!

Tracey’s porn shoes and Mick’s Xmas tie!

We only stayed for one drink then headed off to the Falcon for some traditional Irish tipples.

In the Falcon for some traditional Irish tipples

Next stop, the Black Rock

In the Black Rock

then through to Yates where Pingy met up with us.

Look who we have found

After some white glove and whistles tunes we headed down to O’Donoghues where we were told there was a band on. To be honest, I don’t even remember if there was!! Apparently there was one but no one can remember what they were called, too busy watching Ian and his breast measurement exercise.

Ian getting unnecessary

I know that they had my favourite beer which was recently discovered at the Wakefield beer festival. Wey hey!!!!

In O'Donoghues

Speaking of beer, time to go to Fernandiz for more real ale. Think people started getting split up now cos we seemed to lose everyone at this point. I know Geoff and Martin had gone on ahead. Time for a quick burger before going back down to the Grey Horse for the duration. Things are getting really fuzzy now, damn, should’ve written this earlier. No one remembers that much.

Things are getting really fuzzy now

After a few games of abusive pool, trying to put the lads off their stroke by flashing the flesh,

Flashing the flesh

Flashing the flesh

it was time to relax the feet and take off the boots, classy or what!

Comfy Shoes ?!!?

All in all another top night had by all from Wakefield Mag, see you next year!