Event Reports

Mr Moo's Ice Cream Parlour (Skipsea) Rideout - Sunday 6th July 2014

Gathering for the off at Redbeck

There were 9 of us on 7 bikes that left Redbeck Cafe on Doncaster Road for our run to the East Coast. This proved to be a very wise decision as there was some sort of cycling event happening in the rest of Yorkshire which had closed virtually all roads to the north, west and south of the county. I had chosen a route to avoid the M62 and as many A roads as possible which resulted in a very pleasant ride through open farmland and quaint out of the way villages on little used traffic free roads.

The route ran roughly parallel to the motorway and crossed it a few times as we travelled east to our destination. All the while we were riding rain threatened to dampen our progress and although we could see rain falling in the distance and judging by the huge puddles and roads resembling rivers we must have missed cloudbursts by minutes. Our good luck held all the way until we pulled into Mr Moo's car park whereupon the heavens opened and we all made a rapid rush for cover and sought sanctuary in the cafe.

high calorie light refreshment
high calorie light refreshment
high calorie light refreshment

After some high calorie light refreshment and good natured banter mostly at my expense as I struggled into my one piece rain suit we decided to head up the coast into Bridlington where we sought some traditional fish and chips. Andy and Jill had had enough of the rain at this point and decided to head back in land where I am told it was dry and sunny. The rest of us soldiered on and parked up in the free for motorcycles harbour car park.

The rain was pouring down by this time but as there was nothing we could do about it we made the best of it and in good Wakefield MAG tradition laughed and joked our way round the seafront. After lunch was over we slowly ambled back to the bikes and set off back on another pleasant route taking us past Seaways cafe and the old 'In to the Valley' site before dropping in at Squires cafe for a quick cuppa before heading back home.

The sun was shining at this point as it had all day apparently and we were treated with disbelief and scepticism when we told of the torrential rain we had encounted two hours earlier. None the less even though numbers were down a little on our last rideout we all agreed we had a good day despite the soaking and no one got lost or broke down so all in all a thoroughly good day out was had by all.

See you next time
Mick Culpan
Rideout Coordinator