Event Reports

Get Merry at the Ferry with the Yorkies - Friday 6th - Sunday 8th September 2013

The Yorkshire branch of the Virago Star Owners Cub (V.S.O.C.) kindly invited any Wakefield MAG member to attend their end of season party at Brieghton Ferry on 6th to 8th of September 2013. As I am also a member of the V.S.O.C. having previously owned a Yamaha Midnight Star 1300 I considered it would be rude of me not to attend. However, I nearly didn't as I listened to the rain rattling on the conservatory roof on Friday morning. I waited as long as I possibly could for the weather to improve as there is nothing worse than arriving at a rally and having to erect a tent in the pouring rain ! But around 3pm there was a break in the clouds and off I went straight along the M62, not my preferred route but I wanted to get there before the heavens opened again.

I needn't have worried for as I turned off the motorway and on to the A19 the sun broke through the clouds and by the time I arrived at the site it was bathed in sunshine. Terry waived a cheery hello and Jen booked me in and gave me a timetable of the weekend's events and a rally patch etc.

I found a suitable space to pitch my tent facing the river and was greeted by Brummy Bob who had been tasked with helping all arrivals put their tent up. He had been kept busy all day and recognised my tent immediately as he had erected at least 3 more of the same that day so between us, it was pitched in record time and all my gear stowed inside double quick as I made off to the pub to sample a pint of hand pulled real ale. I got my beer then proceeded to have a walk round the campsite and admire the array of fine looking machinery gleaming in the autumn sunlight.

At the site

I got talking to a guy who had ridden all the way up from Somerset mostly in the pouring rain but he would not be deterred from attending this get together as he considered it one of the highlights of the year. I was to find out later why this was so. After a slow walk round meeting and greeting some familiar faces and some not I decided it was time to find some food to soak up the expected beer infusion yet to come. I chose to eat in the pub although there was also a chuck wagon serving up many tasty dishes and with a covered eating area close by. After my generous serving of steak and ale pie I made my way back to the tent to take off my bike gear and change into my binge drinking attire.

It was getting dark now and I could hear the disco warming up so thought I would make my way back to the pub and begin the ritual beer drinking celebrations. There were already quite a few folk sat around in the concert room and I plonked myself down next to a chap named Brian. I had never met this guy before so tried to think of a way of opening a conversation and there it was on the table ... Brian's pewter beer mug ! We sat discussing the relative merits and finer detail of pewter beer mugs for quite some time as it appeared to be a subject of mutual interest however we soon moved on to more obvious subjects like bikes, birds and beer not necessarily in that order. Several pints later and with the rock disco in full swing and the dance floor heaving with bodies gyrating to the sounds of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Guns and Roses etc.

I left my seat and took up position in the middle of the dance floor with my air guitar poised for action. As I got ready to rock legs apart, shoulders hunched and head down another leg appeared inside of mine and a shoulder was pressed against my shoulder! Let's rock mouthed Brian and we played our air guitars and head banged our way well into the early hours. By this time some of the fairer sex had obviously found conditions rather warm, had justifiably removed their outer garments and were dancing on the tables much to the appreciation of the male audience.

The band came and went and were thoroughly appreciated and the guys on the disco just kept things moving at a record (excuse the pun) rate. They were open to requests and would play anything they were asked for provided they liked it too which fortunately they did. By about 2.30am I had had enough having only just come off working nights so I made my weary way to bed, I am told the party went on until about 4am and there were a few sore heads the following morning.

Saturday I awoke to the sound of cows bellowing and crawled out of my tent into the fresh but pleasantly warm morning sunshine. I took a stroll along the river looking at the moored boats and making a mental note that one day I must get myself one so I too can mess about on the river.

I must get myself one so I too can mess about on the river

I strolled along a long country lane into the village where I came across a pub which also had hand pulled real ale which of course I had to sample. On arriving back at the camp site I found we had been invaded by alien robots intent on destroying all humans. Fortunately the poor robot caught a nasty human virus not fatal to us but for an alien robot the common cold was its downfall.

Alien Robots had taken over the site

It was shortly after witnessing these events that I came across a poor chap bent over a chair and being flogged by a woman police officer in a rather revealing outfit.

Caught by the Police

She had an equally attractive companion also dressed up in sexy police officer uniform and they were on duty selling raffle tickets. Having just witnessed what had happened to the other unfortunate chap I had no hesitation in buying a couple.

Caught by the Police

Time was moving on and I thought the best thing would be to try and get my head down for a couple of hour's kip before the nights festivities began. It was about 8pm when I came round and hurriedly pulled on my onesie gorilla costume as the theme for tonight was onesies of which almost everyone was wearing in one form or another. I got to the pub just as Terry and Bob were making the presentations and handing out trophies for winners of the bike show and furthest travelled etc. The rest of Saturday night went much the same as Friday's although the band were playing more modern stuff which was a bit hit and miss, some people obviously loved it whereas others didn't seem so keen. Personally I was glad when the guys on the rock disco got going again and me and Brian head banged into the early hours.

Sunday morning arrived and the worst part of any rally when you have to pack up and try and get the tent back into the bag it came out of. Fortunately it had had kept dry all weekend so at least we weren't having to pack up a wet tent which I was most pleased about. After saying my farewells I mounted up my trusty Triumph and rode off home having enjoyed a brilliant weekend.

Micks tent & trusty Triumph

There is a strong possibility that this event will run next year. Will I be going back; just you try and stop me. It would be nice if a few more Wakefield MAG members could join in the fun as you won't be disappointed.

Ride safe
Mick Culpan