Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Christmas Do - Saturday 6th December 2014

A record eighteen of us were booked for the Wakefield MAG Christmas Meal at the Chinese Buffet on Trinity Walk on Saturday 6th December. We were booked for the 13:00 sitting but had to wait a few minutes for some late arrivals (mentioning no names Robert and Vicky ;-), before being shown to our table. No sooner were we all seated at our reserved table than we were up again to start grazing.

First the starters, then a bit of a breather before we were up again for seconds, or a start on the main courses for the less greedy.

in the Chinese Buffet

We had returned to the Chinese Buffet as the previous two years had been so good. However, we all pretty much agreed, the standard has gone right down hill this year (dishes not being replinished fast enough, and shock horror ..... no Seaweed .... and ... no hundreds and thousands for the Mr Whippy Ice Cream !!!). We probably will be looking for a new eatery for our 2015 Christmas Meal.

We had all finished by around 14:30, so we embarked on our much awaited tour of the Merrie Cities finest hostelries for several goblets of foaming ale. First stop was The Raven, which was packed at the bar area, with patrons watching football, but we found some seats at the back of the pub for us all.

The Raven

Cue a bit of whinging from our Real Ale Casketeers due to the lack of Real Ales on offer though.

On the Lash
On the Lash

We met up with several other members here who hadn't gone for the meal so there were well over twenty of us on the razzle by now. After a pint or two, we moved onto the Wakey Tavern (nee Dolphin).

Wakey Tavern

However, we wished we hadn't bothered as the service at the bar was abysmally slow and the beer was crap (although the hen party of nuns we bumped into was highly entertaining).

On the Lash

Next stop was the Rainbow, and more dispair from our Real Ale Casketeers as we hadn't been in a pub yet that served decent beer.


Next was the Six Chimney's and being a Wetherspoons pub, it had about 6 real ales on offer .... 'About Time' our Real Ale Casketeers cried in unison!!!

Six Chimney's

We walked a few doors down and to the Harewood Arms next. The bottom lip of our Real Ale Casketeers was stuck out like a pantry shelf again due to the lack of decent beer on offer.

Harewood Arms
On the Lash

Next we headed to that Real Ale Mecca in the Merrie City of Wakefield, Fernandes Brewery Tap. 'Praise the Lord' cried our Real Ale Casketeers !!!!

Fernandes Brewery Tap

Our final stop of the evening was The Graziers, which had a band on at around 9pm, and has a jolly good selection of Real Ales.


It was pretty much empty when we arrived, so we had no problems finding seating (in fact, we took over one of the rooms - a Wakefield MAG Private Party almost). Most of us left around 10ish for our buses home, but given we had been drinking solidly for 7 hours plus, we weren't doing bad.

All in all, a most splendid and entertaining afternoon and evening, spent in the wonderful company of our Wakefield MAG extended family. Does life get any better than this ??? ...... Absolutely Not ..... Bravo !!!!!