Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Christmas Do - Saturday 7th December 2013

Thirteen of us met at the Chinese Buffet on Trinity Walk at 13:00 on Saturday 8th December, for the Wakefield MAG 2013 Christmas Do. We have done exactly the same for two years on the trot now and had such a belting time on both occassions, we had decided to repeat the most splendid experience ... 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it !!!'. No sooner were we all seated at our reserved table than we were up again to start grazing.

Most of us went overboard with the starters so had to restrict the main courses to just a couple of plates full ;-)

Stuffing our Faces

We just had enough room to manage a suite, with the Mr Whippy ice cream machine with hundreds and thosands proving especially popular. Justine wants one of these in the house !!!

We had all finished by around 15:00, so we embarked on our much awaited tour of the Merrie Cities finest hostelries for several pints of foaming ale.

1st Stop, The Raven

First stop was The Raven. The last time we went in here was 2011, and I'm being generous saying it was a dump then. It was closed down and boarded up in 2012. However, it has since been done out and I have to report it's rather a nice pub now ... and with a Christmas Guest Real Ale on offer, plus several other real ales, it made a most pleasant first stop.

The Black Rock

We hit another Wakefield MAG favorite next, The Black Rock.

Some of our female contingent

Especially popular in here with our female contingent was the wide selection of alcoholic Ginger Beers, Dandelion & Burdock, Lemonade etc ... so popular that we drank all their stock ... we had a good bash at clearing their supplies of real ale too !!!

On the Lash

After several in the Black Rock we moved to the back streets and the splendid Inns of Court behind the old Law Courts.

The Inns of Court

The pub was packed with young people (shock horror) ... but these were appreciative of proper pubs, no music and proper beer, unlike most of Wakefield's Saturday night revellers who obviously love expensive watered down lager and having to shout to make yourself heard over the moronic crap that passes itself for music these days ..... Oh dear, sound like my dad .... I'm sure they said the same when rock and roll had to give way to popular 60's tunes (getting old .... like most bikers unfortunately !!!).

On the Lash

Anyway, several pints of real ale later, we decided to move on to that Real Ale Mecca in the Merrie City of Wakefield, The Hop.

We actually spent a bit of time in The Jam next door, as you could sit (getting old you see, can't take the pace anymore), and admired it's unusual VW Camper Van bar. The band in The Hop came on at 10:00, so the Group split with some watching the band, and others just chewing the fat in The Jam.

We headed for the last bus home at 23:00, after nearly 10 hours on the lash.

It was all too much for Mick ... and Ian

All in all, a most splendid and entertaining afternoon and evening, spent in the company of our Wakefield MAG extended family. Blooming Marvellous !!!!!