Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Christmas Do - Saturday 8th December 2012

Fifteen of us met at the Chinese Buffet on Trinity Walk at 13:00 on Saturday 8th December, for the Wakefield MAG 2012 Christmas Do. We had done exactly the same a year ago and had such a belting time, we had decided to repeat the most splendid experience ... and why not. No sooner were we all seated at our reserved table than we were up again to start grazing.

First the starters, chosen from a pretty impressive selection on offer, then a bit of a breather before we were up again for seconds, or a start on the main courses for the less greedy.

main course

A good selection of main courses too, then the suites, with the Mr Whippy ice cream machine with hundreds and thosands proving especially popular.

We had all finished by around 15:00, so we embarked on our much awaited tour of the Merrie Cities finest hostelries for several pints of foaming ale. First stop was The Gate, with a bit of whinging from our Real Ale contingent due to the lack of Real Ales on offer. After a pint and a Jelly shot each (don't ask), we moved next door to the Talbot and Falcon, and cue a bit more whinging as despite the many hand pumps on the bar, none were dispensing the much awaited pints of foaming real ale. Being an Irish pub the Guiness was OK though.

We planned to hit the Strafford Arms next but it was heaving so we decided to cross the road instead to the Black Rock and sanctuary, with three real ales on offer ... Woo Hoo !!!

in the Black rock

We actually stopped for a couple here before moving to the back streets and the Inns of Court behind the old Law Courts. A well known hostelry to some, but undiscovered to others. What a great little pub it truely is, a proper pub of which there are sadly few left these days. And, to top it all, it served several real ales ... Double Woo Hoo !!!

After the Inns of Court we headed to that Real Ale Mecca in the Merrie City of Wakefield, the Hop. A brilliant pub where you struggle to get much other than real ales, so our real ale contingent were very much in their element. Naturally, we stayed for a few here.

Next and lastly, to the Red Shed. By this point there were only a handful of us left but given we had been drinking solidly for 8 hours, we weren't doing bad.

All in all, a most splendid and entertaining afternoon and evening, spent in the company of our Wakefield MAG extended family. Bravo !!!!!

Cath summed it all up exellently the following day on Facebook ... "Can't let yesterday go uncommented on. The Wakefield do was great! Good food, lots of drinks, good pubs and great company :-)" Here .. Here !!!