Event Reports

12th Birthday Party - Friday 9th March 2014

We held on 12th Birthday Party on Friday 9th March, at the Grey Horse, and had a relatively modest turnout of some 20 revellers. We found this a bit of a surprise given:

However, for those that did attend, they had a jolly good evening and all agreed, those that missed it .... it was their loss as they missed a cracking (if intimate) party.

We had a rock disco and karaoke, with Eddie covering his own rendition of Jasper Carrott's Funky Moped amongst others, with Ian, Lorna, Matt, Robert & Vicky all covering various strange tracks throughout the evening (from Victoria Wood amongst other dubious artists).

This years party was Fancy Dress, with the outfits being something related (however tenuous) to 'M', 'A' or 'G'. For those for whom fancy dress wasn't their thing ... they had a get out clause by simply turning up in their normal attire, as a motorcyclist, and they were still keeping with the theme 'M' ... Simples !!!

About half of the revellers turned up in Fancy Dress, with some great outfits:

Lorna laid on a huge buffet for us all and did us proud with a monster selection of nibbles.

We held a raffle and football score cards, which the Friday evening pub revellers all chipped in to buy, and with good cash prizes on offer ... why not.

Dougie, the genial landlord of the Grey Horse paid for the disco and karaoke, stumping up 80 quid of his own money - absolutely top guy !!!! The raffle and football score cards raised 55 quid (after deducting the cost of the buffet) which was an excellent result !! Last years party with double the attendance raised only 30 pounds. This was a free party (as a thank you to all our members and friends for being so loyal to the branch), so it was never going to turn that much of a profit, but to clear 55 quid is absolutely marvellous.

A huge huge thanks to everyone who came along, partied, sang (badly !!!), enjoyed the good company of their fellow Wakefield MAG chums, enjoyed the party nibbles and of course, the lashings of Ginger Beer !!! Great to welcome along Andy & Gill who we only tend to see on our summer rideouts, and a particularly warm welcome to Steve Clarke, the Yorkshire NABD rep, great to see you and thanks for coming.

We partied on until midnight and as the popular saying goes, a good time was had by all. Those that missed it, you missed a great evening (but you probably know that by now).

Sharon & Terry et al