Event Reports

Branch Run Out to the National Railway Museum, York - 9th June 2002

Igor & Corinne were the 'fortunate' winners of the draw to lead Wakefield MAG's monthly branch run in June. Seven members turned up on five bikes, a pretty good turnout considering the weather was dreadful (steady rain all day).

Igor took us on a good route from Wakefield, staying on country roads all the way into York (A642 out of Wakefield, B1217 past Lotherton Hall then a right onto a road so minor it's not even got a number, then left towards Sherburn-in-Elmet on the B1222, staying on this road through Cawood, Stillingfleet & Naburn before taking the A19 into the city centre and onto the NRM) - 35 miles in total, which was enough considering the 'crappy' weather. Most of us hadn't been to the NRM for a number of years and were pretty impressed, especially now that entrance is free (you can tell we are from Yorkshire !!!)

As typical luck would have it, the weather cleared up a bit whilst we were under cover in the museum but started again when we were ready for going home. Where's all this global warming we have heard about ? It seems to have bypassed Yorkshire !!! Going home was interesting, the M62 resembled a lake and you couldn't tell where one lane ended and the other started.

That said, it was a most enjoyable (if somewhat damp) day out