Event Reports

Wakefield MAG On Tour (Blackpool) - Fri 11th - Sun 13th April 2014

A most impressive 11 Wakefield MAG members decided to make a social event of the AGC being in Blackpool, by having a 'Wakefield MAG On Tour' weekend.


Lorna had booked us all into a biker friendly B&B near the tower, which Leeds MAG had also booked into, so we took over the entire B&B for the weekend. Lorna, Ian & Pingy set off in the morning of Friday 11th April, with Steve, Justine, Chas, Terry, Sharon & Cath, setting off early afternoon as most of us were working that morning. The two Pete's also set off at the same time, but seperately, and we were surprised we didn't meet them en-route. The B&B had a fantastic secure garage for all the bikes, which was undoubtedly it's best feature, as the rooms were 'compact' and basic, but it was clean and cheap enough. It claimed many tourist awards, but then we realised the last had been won ten years ago, and we doubt it would win any more. Still, we only intended sleeping there.

Ian, Lorna, Pingy and Pete Mac were in the pub when we arrived, but they came back to the B&B to meet us, then after a quick tour of each others rooms (and several belly laughs at their box room dimensions) we headed for the Wetherspoons pub, The Albert and Lion, for meals and to sample several of the real ales on offer.

in Blackpool

We had several trips to the bar in theAlbert & Lion, then headed to the Mitre, which we largely took over.

in the Mitre
Still in the Mitre

Many (many) trips to the bar later, we staggered out looking for food - Ian was quite obsessed with Chips by this stage, and made no secret of the fact he wanted CHIPS. We found a somewhat dubious take away cum cafe, serving kebabs, fish and chips and other fast food fayre. We counted fourteen separate CCTV cameras in there, which gives some indication as to the usual shenanigans that happen in there, with well refreshed revellers. It was quiet enough on the mid-april Friday night we were there, barring ourselves obviously. You also needed to be well refreshed to stomach the food to be honest ;-)

Most of us were rudely awakened at 3am to shenanigans in the street outside, with a rowing couple, with colourful language being shouted and screamed. The male then decided to take out his frustration on several parked cars by kicking them, causing a huge dent in one. We were all rather glad our bikes were safely locked in a garage. Only in Blackpool eh.

Saturday morning, there were several thick heads being nursed at breakfast. Ian had a tactical puke, but it was the dodgy chips and not the beer (honest !!!!). We had a quick wander into town and a tour of 'Primarni' and several 'Pound' Shops, before heading back to the B&B, to pick up our taxi's that were to whisk us to the AGC (see AGC report).

Following the AGC, we got taxi's straight to the Albert and Lion Wetherspoons pub again for evening meals (except Lorna, Ian, Pingy and Chas, who had directed the taxi back to the B&B, so had to walk back into town to meet us ... Doh !!!!). Sharon wasn't too impressed with her Aberdeen Angus steak, which was more fat & gristle than prime steak, but complaints are taken seriously at Weatherspoons and she was offered a replacement straight away .... she didn't take that up, but did instead opt for a complimentary 10,000 calories desert (which Terry largely ate).

We went from Weatherspoons, to an amusement arcade, initially to have a coffee in their cafe (we were flagging, can't take the pace anymore).

in the amusements
still in the amusements

However, the cafe was shut, so we wasted small change trying to win tacky gifts, then headed to the Pump and Truncheon, which had live music on.

Barring the two Pete's and Cath, most of us didn't stay long and were back at the B&B early (the excess of Friday night taking it's toll, plus, having a long ride the following morning, we were in 'steady mode', with no desire to repeat Friday night's excesses).

There were further street shenanigans apparently in the middle of the night, when two well refreshed ladies started loudly arguing because they couldn't find their hotel. The kind offer from some passing gentlemen that they could stay in their room instead, wasn't met with universal agreement from the arguing ladies, and Lorna reported gratuitous use of the 'F' word (this is all according to Lorna and Cath - the rest of us slept through this particular street theatre). Only in Blackpool ;-)

Sunday, we parted company, with Lorna, Pingy, Ian, Terry & Sharon staying in Blackpool till mid afternoon, before making their way home.

All in all, a fantastic weekend of fun, spent in the pleasurable company of our Wakefield MAG 'family' ....... Hurrah !!!