Event Reports

Lakes Weekend - Friday 11th - Sunday 13th September 2015

Right then, with the usual delayed departure, due to alarm batteries and someone forgetting which day of the week it was. Six brave souls Lorna, Ian, John, Kath, Sharon & Terry joined me for the ride up to the camping barn, other brave souls were to meet up with us later that day.

The route was to Skipton and pick up the A65 to start the adventure. Now the weather was perfect for a grand ride, not too hot but bright & sunny. Now I had arranged for the RAF to do a fly by, which to our / my perfect timing, we were given a wonderful sight of them coming down the valley towards us, not one but two Hercules.

After a refreshment stop at Devils Bridge near Kirkby Lonsdale, it was on to Penrith, via Shap & some places in between. Now this part of the ride was down a few B roads which gave some great views of the eastern fells as we headed north and criss-crossed the M6. With fuel running low & the directions from local plod we headed to Penrith to fill up. From here it was a straight run to Keswick and rest up at a local bikers cafe called, The Filling Station.

The A66 from Penrith to Keswick has some very nice views of the northern fells. At the cafe Pete Mac met up with us. Duly refreshed we headed, via a food shop, to Rosthwaite in the Borrowdale valley and our home for the weekend, the Dinah Hoggus Camping Barn. These barns are basic in nature, in that you get a mattress on the floor for sleeping, somewhere to cook and somewhere to sit & eat your meals. Oh, and also a shower & toilet. This one had a kitchen (2 ring hob, some kettles & a sink), shower & toilet on the ground floor and a sleeping loft (upstairs to some). With a perfectly placed beam for banging your head. Outside, most importantly was a paved patio area & a burner ( an old washing machine drum on legs).

The hut is advertised as sleeps 12, but we struggled with space for 8, it was certainly 'cosy'. With the bbq on the go, thanks Lorna, and wood in the burner and Pete's mini bar set up we all settled in for the weekend. After having our fill from the bbq and a few beers it was down to the local, The Scarfell Hotel, for even more beers. With 6 real ales on hand pumps we were spoilt for choice. We also had our eyes on the food being served. At some point we were asked to leave,closing time, so we continued back at the hut. A rather resourseful Sharon made an ensuite facility for the Ladies!

Over night it started to rain so we woke to a wet dismal morning, in the kitchen Terry was cooking bacon butties for all. So after a butty and a few cuppa's we kept watch hoping that the rain would stop. Not a chance, this is the lakes - the wettest part of England! Now there is only so much you can do before cabin fever sets in. A few hands at cards, then a walk to the tea shop. Later in the day the rain eased and some brave souls even rode into Keswick for an hour. But the rain returned. So no ride outs. We'll keep them for next time.

That evening with a few beers downed we headed to the pub for more beers and dinner. Now we had done our homework, studying last nights delights from the kitchen and reading the menu. It was every bit as we expected.

Now we come to the sad part, with Sunday morning upon us it was bacon butties for breaky, pack up, and off home. Just before this could happen the farmer appeared and enquired after our stay, he was happy with us and he only requested five pounds for electricty used and told us to leave when we were ready. So fed, packed and having cleaned the place we hit the road.

The return run was a lot different to that going, down the M6 instead of the B roads, which we could see if you looked for them. On to the A65 and stopping in Kirkby Lonsdale for fuel and Devils Bridge for snap. We would be splitting up when we reached Skipton, well me anyway, leaving the rest to make there way home from there.

Now that I have finished this write up there is so much I've missed out because there were so many events happened and so many laughs were had by all. You will have to ask those that were there for more details.

Many thanks to those that came along. Looking forward to the next one. Ed: Just don't book it when Steve & Justine are on holiday again ;-)

Pete Taplin