Event Reports

Fred Hill Memorial Run - 12th February 2006

Write-up by Eddie Johnson, Wakefield MAG Deputy Rep & Yorkshire Region Media Officer

Thanks to the Excellent Marshalling by Russ Harding & His Fellow Out-Riders, yet again, East Leeds Lions MCC have proved their worth, a Job Well Done.

The Wet Weather Did Not Deter Countless Bikers All Showing Their Respect For MAG’s Most Noted Member, Fred Hill. All the Yorkshire Branches Took Part, all Left from Their Respective Meeting Points. My Self, I Hoped to Lead Steve Travis’s Wakefield Lost Rider’s, Who Set off From Stork Lodge Tea Rooms, Thornes Park, Wakefield on Time. Blame Me I Had Read The Weather Report, Which Was Wrong, So I struggled Finding My 9 year old Granddaughters Wet weather Gear. So I Followed The Riders: They Took the Denby Dale Road City Bound, Then out on The Doncaster Rd. My Old Friend Bill Kelsall Was Riding Within The Group & Later Said “You Know Eddie, Its 30 years Since We last rode Together”, “Blimey its True” I Said.

The Roads Were Not Busy, it was about 10:40 am, The Scenic Route through Normanton, Methley, Castleford, then off Through Ledsham to Squires. Squires Bike Park was taken up by Rows of Motorcycles. The Majority of Rider’s were indoors Greeting Each Other & being served By Sue, Harry & Jason.

Steve Travis, Wakefield’s MAG Rep Took The Mickey Out of me for Wearing My Dads Old Skid Lid With Leather ear Covers & Goggles, Calling me The Crazy Frog, Cheers Steve.

Dave Nash (Leeds MAG Rep) was Out Side Organising all the Many Rider’s whom by now were All Kitted Out & With Motors Running. “Hey up Dave” I Said, “Do we go left at Bottom of Harewood Hill?”, “Yes” Dave Replied, adding “Keep to the left with your trike, make Sure The Marshal’s Have Priority”. “No Probs”, I said.

The Run Set Off, Guided by the Out-Rider Marshals. We passed the Building Plot That Was the First Squire’s Cafe in My Youth, Then Left Towards Tadcaster, we Continued Then Following Signs to Boston Spa. Our Leading Marshals Controlled Traffic, Double Parked Cars made it Tight for my Trike, Then on Towards the A1, we Passed under it en-route to Collingham. Again the Junctions were controlled in our Favour. Shannon my 9 year old Pillion Loved the Marshals. She did say “Wow”, Open Roads Towards Pool, Tight winding Bends, my Near side Wheel was running in the Wet Gutter, Every Side Junction the Car Driver’s Must Have Wondered When The Last Rider was Going to Pass!

Onward We Headed, The Trike Never Missed a Beat, My old Friend Bill Told me Later The Engine Sounded Spot on. Onward We Headed the Line of Biker’s were as Far as the eye could see. Past The Reservoir then up the last Hill to Our Destination, the SUN INN at Norwood NR OTLEY.

Keith of Leeds MAG took the Group Pictures, First With his Hi-Tech Model, Then with the Standard SLR Camera Ronnie of East Yorks MAG had Given me. That gave us all a laugh, the long lens meant Keith was Back pacing to us all in the shot.

In no time We filled the Restaurant Style Pub, off came our wet Gloves & jackets, The Two Girls Shannon & Rhiannon, both nine years old, played all the coin machine’s & gave us all butterfly’s Dodging the full size pool cue’s they were playing with. Everyone Was Chatting and enjoying the food & drink Served by The well organised bar staff.

We talked about our long biking days, how it’s effected our lives, How much commitment is still needed to Prevent Disruption To our Freedom. Plus Our Feeling’s of Contentment having made The Run for Our Lost but Not Forgotten Friend, Fred Hill.

The East Leeds Lions MCC marshals were the first to leave & we gave them a round of Applause, Well done all. Justine Travis, MAG National Finance Director spoke to Leeds MAG Rep Dave Nash, “Can we all come back here when the Weather is Warmer?” Dave Answered “No problem”.

All Good Things come to an End, the time to go came and we all left in groups. The Weather Still Damp. Motorcycle Action Group Believes in the Fundamental Right of the Individual to Choose. Well-Done Leeds MAG for the Effort and time Taken to get The Run organised.

Now to a Lesser Note, My Day Ended with the Trike Breaking Down Out side the White Swan at Sherburn, My Faith in Biker’s was Never in Doubt. My Thanks To Sue, Harry & Jason at Squire’s, Malcolm from Monk Fryston (Who Fitted his Starter Motor on my Trike), Yorkshire Triker’s Mick, Bob Hope, & Bob the Web Master Who Freely gave their time & skill’s to get my new Boom Trike home, With Their Help I know my Trike will soon be sorted. I am in their debt.