Event Reports

Will we ever get to Willingham Woods Rideout Report

Sunday 12th May 2019 - No, Thirsk

A really poor turnout for this one as only 3 riders turned up for our second attempt at getting to Willingham Woods (the first abortive attempt being 14th April 2019). Chas, Stan and myself decided a ride into North Yorkshire was a better option and we'd call back at the newly opened 'Sportsbikeshop' on Regent St in Leeds that everyone was raving about on Facebook. So off to Ripon we headed via Bramham, Weatherby, Spofforth And Harrogate. A relatively short stop in Ripon for a coffee and then we set off back down the A61 all the way to Leeds and the newly opened shop. We'd heard/read only good things about this outlet but were quite unimpressed as to why everyone was raving about it ..... don't get me wrong, the shop itself was very pristine and spacious with touch screens all over the place and friendly staff, however we nearly had to ask for a defibrillator when Chas looked at a price tag and then had great difficulty explaining to the highly trained staff (NOT) that Euro sizes were not the same as UK sizes and that the trousers 'wouldn't bloody fit him'. We left there and tried J&S and Get Geared who are both next door. The very helpful lady in Get Geared suggested Chas go on line for his new bike trousers and even gave him a brand name to search for on ebay ...... After our little shopping trip we headed home.

Sunday 9th June 2019 - Yes, we finally made it!

Yes, at our third attempt of the year, we set off for Willingham Woods in Lincs. Clare, Caz, Steve, Chas Mick, Mick's mate and myself set of from the Redbeck and headed out though Pontefract, Darrington, Pollington and Snaith on very familiar roads on towards Goole. Goole itself turned into a mess as we'd opted to use the A161 bypass only to find the police holding traffic due to a very large HGV crawling along at 0.5mph and requiring 'spotters' as it negotiated traffic islands etc. We chose to divert back into the town at the earliest opportunity but this ended in a couple of u-turns due to unfamiliar territory. Steve had a prior engagement around lunch time so peeled off and headed home at this point. The rest of us carried on through Goole Fields, Swinefleet, Eastoft and down towards Gainsborough. A631 through Market and onto 'Willy Woods' biker layby for a well earned coffee etc. Clare parted company here as she'd arranged to meet up with James who was at some event at Cadwell with the electric 'Zero' bikes, now available through Not Your Average Bikes in Ossett. I've tried one and they're fast as **** (how's that for a plug ....... get it?). Leaving Willy Woods we headed north to Caistor, onto Brigg and from there hopped onto the M180, M18 and M62 and all headed home. Thanks to all for coming, hope you all enjoyed the ride.

Martin Burgess
Rideout Coordinator