Event Reports

Fred Hill Run - Sunday 12th June 2011

We hosted a Fred Hill Memorial Run on Sunday 12th June. Most Fred Hill memorial runs are held in February (on the anniversary of his untimely death in Pentonville Prison). However, we held this one in June to coincide with the anniversary of the passing of the helmet law in June 1973 (and it was this law which prompted Fred to run his campaign, and coincidentally, the very reason the Motorcycle Action Group was formed 38 years ago). We were also hoping for slightly better weather than you typically find in February, although the weather forecast that day was a bit iffy to say the least.

We had over twenty bikes assemble from 09:30 onwards at the Grey Horse. Great to welcome along a good number of new faces on their inaugural Wakefield MAG rideout. Great also to see veteran MAG member Tim Chamberlain, who had met Fred several times on numerous demos in the 1980's.

After our teas & coffees (thanks to Angie for remembering to put the boiler on), we set off around 10:00, for our first port of call, Squires Cafe Bar in Sherburn-in-Elmet. We took the A642 out of Wakefield, then heading through Methley & Castleford, picking up the A656, and then taking the A63 at Peckfield roundabout, onto Squires. We hadn't been rained on yet !!!!

Time for more teas and coffees at Squires, where we also met up with Wakefield MAG members John & June. We set off from Squires at our advertised time of 11:00, headed towards Tadcaster, then picked up the A64 eastbound. We followed the A64 until Elvington, and then picked up the A166 all the way into Bridlington. We arrived into Brid and parked up at the Harbour at 12:40, bang on schedule. And amazingly, we still hadn't been rained on !!!

Team photo at Brid

We had a brief stop in Brid, sufficient time for a team photo and toilet breaks, then it was back on the bikes, leaving at 13:00 as advertised, for our final destination, which was Scarborough.

We took the A165 out of Brid, arriving in Scarborough and heading towards the bike parking on Marine Drive, arriving just before 14:00, again bang on schedule. Normally, on a sunny Sunday in June, the place would be heaving with bikes, but given it was quite cold and heavy rain was forecast, it was relatively quiet and we all managed to park up with ease. And, we still hadn't been rained on !!!!

The bike parking on Marine Drive is right next to the old toll booth, which is now used by the RNLI. A plaque details the history of Marine Drive, which in the early 1900's charged cars & buses a 1d toll, pedestrians and horses were free, but motorcycles were charged 2d, with an additional 1d for a pillion passenger. Nice to see that discrimination against motorcycles has been around for as long as motorcycles themselves have !!!!

And of course, being at the seaside, we had to go for the obligatory fish & chips (when in Rome as they say !!!). As we were tucking in, the forecast rain started (well, it was only a matter of time wasn't it). We had a look around Scarborough for a short while, and then made our way home, taking the direct route of the A64 this time. The A64 was really busy in places so much filtering was done to make progress. By this time too, it was well and truly chucking it down so we all got very very wet riding home.

The rideout had run to perfect timing, and we didn't get lost once. We are obviously losing our touch and will have to change our nickname from Lost Riders to Perfectly Satisfactory Navigators ... Well, maybe not !!!!

Despite the somewhat soggy end to the day, it was a cracking rideout and a fitting tribute to MAG hero Fred Hill.