Event Reports

5th Biker Quiz Nite - Wed 12th November 2008

We held our 5th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite on Wednesday 12th November in the Grey Horse. The Quiz was very well attended and we were pleased to welcome along teams from Leeds MAG, York MAG, Barnsley MAG, East Yorkshire MAG, several Wakefield MAG teams, and a smattering of others. One Hundred bike related questions were asked, covering the whole spectrum of motorcycles sport (mainstream and the downright obscure), bike press and adverts, bike knowledge (marques, models and types), biking personalities, bike culture and the bike scene, bikes on films and TV, law relating to motorcycle use and biking history and milestones. This year we restricted the size of the teams to a maximum of 5 to even out the competition as it were.

We kicked off at 08:20pm, after waiting for the very late Leeds MAG contingent (who were running to Leeds MAG time, if you have ever been to one of their events, you'll know what I mean !!!).

A quick fag break half way through the questions then it was time to swap the papers and top up the correct answers. The results of the Quiz were ............ cue drum roll ..........

1st Place - East Yorkshire MAG, with 58½ points. A case of Stella Artois for their achievement and the coveted winners trophy, held by Leeds MAG for the last four years.

1st Place - East Yorkshire MAG

2nd Place - Leeds MAG, not far behind with 56 points. A case of Becks for their achievement

2nd Place - Leeds MAG

3rd Place - Wakefield MAG team #1, with 54½ points. A case of Carlsberg for their achievement

3rd Place - Wakefield MAG Team #1

Booby Prize (for the least correct answers) - Wakefield MAG team #2 (Dodge, Chris & Mick), with 29½ points. A case of ASDA Smart Price Lager and our traditional booby prize, which does the rounds on all our competitive events - the fat bird on a scooter trophy !!!!!

Last Place & the Booby Prize - Wakefield MAG Team #2

For the first time in 5 years, the quiz made a profit and covered the cost of the prizes. Also, for the first time in 5 years ....... Leeds MAG didn't win !!!!

It was a great night, and a huge huge thanks to everyone who attended, particularly East Yorkshire MAG, who had a fair distance to travel, although winning will have made their journey all the more worth while.