Event Reports

Leeds MAG Valentines Party - Saturday 13th February 2010

A report by 'Doc'

The Wakefield MAG division of the vertically challenged society made a decision to attend the above event, which was in itself a landmark as the society cannot usually make a decision about which hat to wear or whether to curl their beards.

They arrived at the Dragonís lair in dribs and drabs and Doc pushed Grumpy towards the bar, Grumpy scrambled up onto a stool and attracted the attention of the very well upholstered beer wench who provided copious quantities of dark honey coloured ale.

at the Dragonís lair

Grumpy paid with his wages from the diamond mine and the two friends forced their way through the thong of Ogres and Trolls who had gathered for a night of drunken debauchery as is often the case at any MAG do.

Host Ogre and Troll

Bashful, Happy and Sneezy were busy rearranging the tables as they were right in front of the speakers which were blaring out horrendously loud heavy rock music making any attempt at normal conversation totally impossible.

Doc, in a romantic mood

After several more trips to the bar and unsuccessful trips to the tombola stand Grumpy finally won a prize which he decided to give to his other half as a Valentines day present. All the others tried to advise against this course of action on health grounds but Grumpy was insistent and rather strangely has not been seen since.

After purchasing raffle tickets to win a small fortune equivalent to Docís yearly wages it was time to hit the dance floor. Wakefield were joined by the York MAG division of the vertically challenged society and old aquaintences renewed. After much energetic cavorting on the dance floor which were captured forever by Sleepyís magic mirror it was almost time to go.

Funny looking Guitar
Hitting the dance floor
Hitting the dance floor

A good time had been enjoyed by all even Grumpy was smiling although he may have been constipated!


Our thanks to all at Leeds MAG for organising this event we look forward to welcoming you and your friends at our own events later this year.