Event Reports

13th Birthday Party - Friday 13th March 2015

We held on 13th Birthday Party on Friday 13th March ... unlucky for some maybe, but not for our birthday party revellers as we all had a jolly good evening !!!

Around 25 past and present members attend our intimate party which started around 8ish and carried on until well past midnight.

Sharon and Terry ... getting intimate

We had a disco and karaoke, with several people covering various tracks throughout the evening. Ian's rendition of Tom Jones's Delilah was a change from the norm as he usually insists on a Rolling Stones number (complete with Mick Jagger mannerisms !!!) .... he is no better at signing Tom Jones than he is at Mick Jagger however ... both are equally as bad ;-)

Tonight, Ian will be Tom Jones

This years party was an optional Fancy Dress (with the outfits being something related (however tenuous) to 'M', 'A' or 'G'). Steve and Chas came in a 'genuine' fancy dress, whilst everyone else opted for their 'get out' clause of simply turning up in their normal attire, as a motorcyclist, and hence, still keeping with the theme 'M' !!!

Chas (as a 'M'usician)
Steve (as 'A'ircrew)

Lorna laid on a huge buffet for us all and did us proud with a monster selection of nibbles.

Lorna (with Chas)

We held a raffle and football score cards, which the Friday evening pub revellers also chipped in to buy, and with good prizes on offer ... why not.

Dougie, the genial landlord of the Grey Horse paid for half of the disco hire which was hugely appreciated - absolutely top guy !!!! (we paid him back in beer sales though). The party made a small loss this year but this was never about making money as it was a free party, as a thank you to all our members and friends for being so loyal to the branch.

A huge huge thanks to everyone who came along, partied, sang (badly !!!), enjoyed the good company of their fellow Wakefield MAG chums, enjoyed the party nibbles and of course, the lashings of Ginger Beer !!!