Event Reports

2013 MAG Annual General Conference - Saturday 13th April 2013

Twelve Wakefield MAG members attended the 2013 MAG AGC at Keynsham, Bristol on Saturday 13th April. Such was the take-up to attend the AGC this year, Yorkshire MAG laid on a 17 seater minibus (and the minibus was over subscribed !!!). This also doesn't include all those Yorkshire MAG members who also made their own way down seperately, by bike or car. Martin (Leeds MAG) and Chas met Steve & Justine at their house, then we set off at 07:00 in the minibus, met Ian in Outwood en-route to the Grey Horse, where we picked up Cathy, Sharon and Terry at 07:30. We then made our way to Meadowhall where we picked up Barnsley Bob, and a large contingent from Sheffield at 08:00. We had 2 dropouts in all but still had only 2 spare seats in the bus, a shame as we had 3 other Wakefield MAG car passengers at Meadowhall who we couldn't quite fit on, meaning they had to take their car down after all.


The journey down to south of Bristol was a long slog but we did a steady 60MPH all the way there (we had no choice .... the minibus was limited to that speed), and we arrived, with only a short stop en-route, at 11:40. Time to check-in and hit the lunchtime buffet. The food was advertised as first come first served (so be early), however, Western Region had done everyone proud and there was ample for everyone.

The AGC started on time at 12:30 and was all over before 17:00. The MAG (UK) Ltd AGM was very (suprisingly !!!) uneventful, with Pete Walker (Yorkshire MAG) being re-elected onto the board, and Tony Cox (NW MAG) & Pete Davison (NE MAG) also being elected. We have an extremely strong board in place, which is just as well in this financial climate !!! MAG (UK) Ltd needs to be a viable business to provide the solid bedrock for MAG's political campaigning activity, which keeps us all on our bikes at the end of the day. A great result !!!!! MAG (UK) is solvent, trading legally and financially stable, which was jolly good to hear.

With the MAG (UK) Ltd AGM over, the MAG AGC started. Again, all rather uneventful. MAG has a new chair - John Mitchell (South East MAG Regional Rep .... but don't worry, he's from Halifax !!!!). MAG's overall membership is down (3.6% on last year), which is obviously a trend we want to reverse. Lots of discussion and debate about the MAG Foundation (does it stay or does it get wound up) - there were actually several volunteers wanting to be trustees however and the NC were tasked with coming up with an action plan and some objectives for the Foundation, so we'll see what comes of that.

The Assembled Masses

A few motions were presented to AGC, which were debated to the n'th degree:

The Top TableThe Top Table

The awards ceremony saw honours go to various MAG members, for their persistent local campaigning or dedication to the organisation through fund raising, marshalling events or using whatever particular talents they have:

10 Certificates of Merit were awarded ..... to seemingly everyone in the Southern Regions and Groups, for doing, erm, MAG stuff, that we in the North take for granted (but then again, that's just us Northern folk, we are made of much sterner stuff !!!!)

The guest speaker this year was Stephen Baker MP (son of Mike Baker of SW MAG fame). Stephen's talk was excellent, and it was refreshing to see a normal, down to earth and emminently sensible MP (but then again, he's a biker, so it goes with the territory). Stephen gave some excellent campaigning hints and tips and gave a good insight into the life of an MP, and the challenges they face.

The AGC finally wrapped up at 16:50, and we made our way back 'Oop North', arriving back into Wakefield at 21:30. A very long and very tiring day. It was certainly worth Yorkshire MAG laying on the minibus as we managed to get 15 Yorkshire MAG members down to AGC at a cost of £15 per head, whereas travelling using our own transport would have cost over £50 each just in fuel costs. A few at AGC initially suspected we had bussed in 'Flying Pickets' - sorry guys, we are just tight Yorkshire b******s, who like to be careful with our brass, and know a bargain when we see one !!!!!

A huge thanks to all the Wakefield MAG members who attended, and a huge thanks to Yorkshire MAG who attended in force.

And finally ... a message from Wayne, our Regional Rep - "I would like to extend my thanks to ALL the Yorkshire folks that attended this years AGC near Bristol. It makes me proud to be a MAG member when I see how many of you care so much, and are prepared to travel so far to have your say in the running of the UK's leading riders rights Organisation. Thanks again"