Event Reports

Wakefield MAG 10th Birthday Party - Saturday 14th January 2012

We held our 10th Birthday Party, in our HQ, the Grey Horse, on Saturday 14th January, with folks arriving from 19:30 onwards (17:30 for Jagster, and for our most excellent organising crew of Sue & Lorna, even earlier !!)

Our meeting room was totally transformed, with Happy Birthday banners, baloons, party streamers, and Ian's hugely professional disco & karaoke equipment.

Party Time

Ian was certainly dressed for the occassion, but looking more like a 1960's mod than a rocker, so we all wonder whether the Victory will be up for sale shortly, to be replaced by a nice little Lambretta (with added spotlights and mirrors obviovsly)

Ian our DJ

Eddie was the first up to try out the karaoke, with a particularly bad rendition of Jasper Carrot's Funky Moped ..... Ooooh, Funky Moped

Eddies rendition of Funky Moped

The buffet was opened up at around 21:30, and the ladies had particularly gone to town with a monster selection of sandwiches, pasta, assorted nibbles and deserts. A special mention has to go to Jenny too for bringing along a huge 10th Birthday chocolate cake.

No birthday party is complete without a game of pass the parcel, so we had a game of pass the parcel !!!!! Twenty layers of wrapping paper revealed a jigsaw (of the picture variety rather than a joinery tool !!!)

We also had a raffle, first prize of assorted tools and sundries was won by Mr Meerkat himself, Steve Jones - you can never have enough cable ties can you Steve ?. Second prize was a bottle of Wine won by Andy Ward and third prize of choccies went to Ian's missus.

Calling the raffle

Mr Whittaker did a couple of Rolling Stones numbers on the Karaoke (most unusual for Ian to impersonate Mick Jagger when he's had a few sherberts).

Mr Whittaker as Mick Jagger

Ian our DJ donned his Elvis wig and serenaded the ladies (and Daz),

serenading Daz

together with a special dedication for Mo, as he likes Elvis so much !!!

Ian as Elvis

Most of us got up to sing at some point in the evening, even Lorna (although we all wished she hadn't !!!!)

All too soon it was over but everyone was in total agreement - What a fantastic evening and a great way to celebrate our 10th Birthday. Despite the colossal amounts of food and party items bought, with the token 2 contribution to the food kitty by all, and the raffle tickets sold, we made a profit !!!!

Our Rep & Finance Officer were certainly happy !!!!

A colossal thanks goes out to a truly amazing party organising committee - Sue, Lorna & Ian ..... you did us proud .... awesome, no other word for it !!!

Our Social Committee of Lorna and Sue only got voted into office at the AGM 3 days earlier, so if this party is anything to go by, Wakefield MAG are going to have a fantastic 2012 !!! Hurrah !!!!

Lorna and Sue, Wakefield MAGs Sociable Social Committee
Cracking erm, assets our Rep seemed to temporarily acquire on Saturday night