Event Reports

Branch Run Out to Eden Camp Museum, Pickering - 14th April 2002

Steve & Justine were the 'fortunate' winners of the draw to lead Wakefield MAG's monthly branch run in April. Nine members turned up on seven bikes and we were blessed with dry warm (for April) weather. We took the 'scenic route' to the A64 from Wakey (A642 through Stanley, Woodlesford & Garforth, then onto the B1217 past Lotherton Hall and onto the A162, picking up the A64 at Tadcaster) and then staying on the A64 all the way to Eden Camp near Pickering. We were so tempted to carry straight on to Whitby but most of us were pretty glad to stop (this was April, it wasn't that warm and the old bladders were starting to expand to that "this is getting uncomfortable" point).

If you have never been to Eden Camp, it is well worth a visit and a bargain at 3.50. Lunch first in the Camp Mess then a good look at the exhibits. We spent a good few hours there and all agreed it had been a great day out.