Event Reports

9th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite - Wed 14th November 2012

We held our 9th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite on Wednesday 14th November, in the Grey Horse. We had a fantastic attendance this year with over 60 people packing our meeting room. Great to welcome along teams from Leeds MAG, Huddersfield MAG, Sheffield & Rotherham MAG, Colne Valley MAG, Barnsley MAG, West Yorkshire VJMC, local MCC's & many others (thousand apologies if you haven't got a mention), in addition to several Wakefield MAG teams.

The packed room
The packed room

We followed our tried and tested format, with 60 questions in total being asked, 30 pure bike / biking knowledge questions and 30 general knowledge.

Asking the questions

We started around 10 past 8 with the first set, all about Motorcycle Sport, then 5 general knowledge, then 5 bike questions, 5 general knowledge and so on, taking a breather at question 30 to fuel the mind (with beer & nicotine). Following the 10 minute break, when we ran a raffle, we then continued with the set of bike and general knowledge questions interspersed, so as to maintain the interest. Lots of head scratching and muttering going on, particularly where they had the answer just on the tips of their tongues, but it sadly evaded them.

At the end of the 60 questions, we drew our raffle, with 3 great prizes up for grabs.

One of the lucky raffle winners

A huge thanks has to go to Dougie, our genial landlord of the Grey Horse, who put on a fantastic free spread of sandwiches for us all (but you had to be quick as they were all gone in a flash).

Time then to swap the papers with your neighbouring team ready for marking. We went through the answers and there was lots of clamouring for that extra ½ point (amazing how beer prizes brings out the competitive nature in people isn't it ?!?!?!). And sorry Manny, despite what you claim, USSR isn't / wasn't a country ;-)

The papers were then swapped back and we had a poll to find out who had won.

Nobody had 50-60 right, but 1st place, with 41 points, was Leeds MAG.

First Place, Leeds MAG

Leeds MAG have a bit of a history with this quiz, having won it four times on the trot, then coming second for the next two years. Great to see them grab 1st place again after an absence of four years. Being first, Team Captain Manny had the choice of prize, and opted for a case of Beck's (good choice, as it was the most expensive !!!).

Second place went to Wakefield MAG Team 'The Obsoletes', with 38 points. Team Captain Ethanol Bill opted for the case of Carlsberg.

Second place, Wakefield MAG Team 'The Obsoletes'

Third place, with an incredibly close 37 ½ points, went to Huddersfield MAG, with their first quiz win. Great achievement guys and a case of John Smiths to split with the team.

Third place, Huddersfield MAG

Finally, it was time to determine that equally highly contested prize - coming last. We started the count backwards from zero to 10, then 10 to 20, and the winners of this most prestigious category, on a still respectable 20 ½ points, were team 'Colne Valley Dynamos' (Colne Valley MAG). Colne Valley MAG were the winners of last place in 2011, so a great achievement in maintaining their record !!!!

Last place, Colne Valley MAG

We had forgotten to bring along the coverted booby prize, which does the rounds on all our competitive events - the fat bird on a scooter trophy !!!!! However, we'll have a prize giving at the next Yorkshire Region Meeting.

Meanwhile, we need to retrieve the winners trophy and present (back) to Leeds MAG, so Dave Nash can once again put it on his mantle piece for another year !!!

This year's quiz, raised £56, with the wine raffle raising a further £56. After deducting the cost of the prizes, we raised £82 for the MAG fighting fund on the night, what a fantastic result.

Congratulations to all teams, it was a brilliant night and a good time was had by all. Educational and fun (why couldn't school have been like this ?!?!!?).

A huge thanks again to everyone who turned up and contributed to a most memorable quiz. Next year with be the 10th Wakefield MAG quiz night, and we fully intend to make that rather special (don't know how yet but we have got a year to think about it !!!!). Hope to see you our 10th quiz in a years time !!!!!!!!!!