Event Reports

Leeds MAG Christmas Toy Run - Wednesday 15th December 2010

Leeds MAG traditionally host a Christmas Toy Run, every year, in aid of their favourite charity, Lineham Farm Children's Centre. This years Toy run was on Wednesday 15th December, meeting up at 6:00pm at the Dragon Hotel on Whitehall Road.

Sheila and Andy Mac of Leeds MAG spread the word of the forthcoming Toy Run, with the help of other branch officials and local MCC members.

Bob and his dad (also a Bob), both of Yorkshire Trikers met up with Wakefield MAG's very own Eddie Johnson, on their trike's in Alverthorpe for the run to the Dragon Hotel and the Toy Run start. Stacked up on the trike's were sacks of toys for the kids. Bob Junior on his red trike went one further by towing a trailer also filled with toys. Bob's trailer also has a scrolling message bar fitted, which he had programmed to read 'Leeds MAG Toy Run', which amused passing motorists, especially as we had matching Santa outfits on.

The event, relies heavily on decent weather to get a good turnout and we were very lucky on that score, considering the early snow we have had in the weeks leading up to the event. The roads were busy with rush hour traffic, and the road works just outside the Dragon pub didn't help, although it didn't stop us arriving in good time. At six thirty the Toy Run set off and a long line of bikes and trike's headed towards the Armley gyratory, past the Harley dealers and down onto Kirkstall Road, heading due West  towards Spen Lane and the Ring Road.

We did well to keep together, up onto Otley Road, past Lawnswood and Golden Acre Park, then taking a right at the next roundabout towards Eccup. A left, then a right onto Swan Lane and then the farm track leading to both the donkey sanctuary and Lineham Farm Children's Centre.

We unloaded all the pressies and took them into the Centre, pre-marked with boy or girl to make the job easier for Santa's helpers.


We were rewarded with hot drinks and mince pies and a warm welcome from both staff and our fellow biker friends, with lots of exchanging of Christmas wishes.

Sheila & Kate of Leeds MAG with the Leeds MAG pressies

The Centre staff organised the children into a choir and we also had carols sung for our welcoming. Bob Jnr, in his Santa outfit got the honourable job of handing out the Christmas goodies. Before too long, the children's attention drifted towards our trike's and bikes in the yard outside.

Some of the Lineham Farm Kids

Staff and kids had pillion rides on two of the trike's at slow speeds around the grounds, which was a Christmas present itself to those that had a ride.

Having a go on Santa's Trike

Leeds MAG had great support on their Toy Run, not only from other MAG branches, but also local MCC's, including East Leeds Lions, Team Sober, GEMS and the Yorkshire Trikers.  The Lineham Farm Children's Centre made us all very welcome (as they do at Easter and Christmas every year).  A great event for a good cause and we are just glad the weather relented enough to let it happen this year.