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2023 Farmyard Party

The 2023 Farmyard Party was held on Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of June at Duncombe Park, Helmsley.


Numbers attending seemed to be a little bit down compared to last year. The weather forecast was hot and dry for the weekend so that wasn't the reason. I'm guessing the true reason is the cost of living crisis. Even though FYP is truly excellent value for money, realistically it will cost people upwards of a hundred quid plus for the weekend, and that's money some folks don't have surplus anymore, so I guess something has to give. Problem is, the rally still costs the same amount to put on, so hoping the donation to the MAG fighting fund isn't too down, as ultimately, it's MAG events like the FYP that funds MAG to keep us on our bikes.


Anyway, it was a cracking event as always. A great selection of food vans was on-site to cater for all tastes. Most meals had gone up in price (from 7 to 8 pound plus), understandably as everything has gone up this year, but compare that with food prices at run of the mill music festivals and you realise you are still getting a bit of a bargain. Beer prices are particularly competitive at the FYP, far cheaper than the pubs in Helmsley.

As per previous Farmyard Parties, there were 4 music venues (Main Stage, Riders Rights Tent, Blues Bar & Crusties), each offering 3 bands on the Friday night and 3 on Saturday - 24 bands over the course of the weekend !!!


Together with the bands, other entertainment included a stunt show, the Old Peculiar Custom Show, and the legendary Smacked Arse Comedy Show. Coupled with a large number of traders, there literally is lots to keep you entertained all weekend.


Headlining in the Big Top on Friday night was top Queen tribute band, The Bohemians (a favourite with the official Queen fan club and a band described by Queen guitarist Brian May as 'Brilliant'). Needless to say, the Big Top was rammed. Headlining in the Blues tent was the Tom Killner Band, technically brilliant but not such a hit with the Blues tent crowd as it was a little bit quiet (to be fair it was a warm dry night so a lot of folks were outside the marquee rather than inside ... or of course in the Big Top).

The Old Peculiar Custom Show was held on Saturday afternoon, and marshalled by Wakefield MAG. 50 odd bikes entered the show which was impressive, especially given the quality of the entrants this year (the FYP always does attract seriously good bikes). This year, there were 6 FYP Show trophies up for grabs, plus an overall Best in Show, and a 100 quid cash prize for the FYP Best in Show winner ..... no wonder the show was popular !!!!

I didn't envy the judges job, but they eventually came up with a shortlist. And the Show Winners, as announced by MAG El Presidente Ian Mutch, were, cue drum roll:

Trying to get all the winners together at the same time for the prize giving was akin to herding cats, but we managed it.

Headlining in the Main Arena on Saturday night were Foreigners Journey, who have played at the FYP in previous years.

All too soon it was Sunday and time to pack up and head home. A brilliant rally and a brilliant weekend.

The dates for 2024 FYP have just been announced: Friday 21st - Sunday 23rd June 2024.

FYP 2024

Hope to see you there.