Event Reports

30th Farmyard Party - Friday 17th - Sunday 19th June 2016

Our intrepid adventure started on the Thursday evening for Lorna, Pingy, Asbo Alice, Ian, Steve & Justine, who arrived at various parts of the day, but were all on-site by 7:30pm, and before we knew it tucking into the fantastic BBQ Lorna & Pingy had prepared, downing some beers, gossiping like old women, abusing our fellow Yorkshire MAG members, and generally chilling into the weekend. Blooming marvellous.

The following morning we continued our annual and now legendary tradition - a walk into Helmsley, and a biker breakfast.

Biker Breakfast

Then a quick look around Helmsley Market whilst waiting for licenced establishments to open for our lunchtime drinking session ...... Ian insisted we had a change this year by visiting a brewery pub he had spotted .... which was shut, so we ended up in the Royal Oak after all .... see, that's what happens when you mess with tradition Ian !!!

We had several foaming pints of ale / cider (or expensive poncey Italian Lager for Steve) and the now obligatory big fat cigars, were joined by several others in our contingent, and had a few more drinks.

In the Royal Oak Beer Garden
In the Royal Oak Beer Garden
In the Royal Oak Beer Garden

By mid-afternoon, half split off to try the Brewery pub (which was open by this time), and the others who were on shift in a few hours time walked / staggered back to the rally site for a quick power nap prior to evening marshal shifts. By this time the camping areas were looking a bit fuller than before, and the remainder of our contingent had rocked up and pitched next to us.

The Friday evening shift in the Blues tent was a breeze, so uneventful as to be bordering on the boring, although it has to be said the bands were rather good (just as well, as they had gone over budget booking the Blues bands this year).

in the Blues Tent

The main arena had a Slade tribute band playing and it was rammed and buzzing apparently.

Weather wise Friday was a bit cold and drizzling so we all hoped the weather would pick up for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday followed the same Helmsley pub / brewery visit for some.

Sharon & Terry

Meanwhile, Steve & Justine were completing the second of their double shifts marshalling the bike show. The 30th FYP this year was host to the first round of the BSH Custom Build Off Competition, so the bike show was very busy, and the quality of entrants quite exceptional. The weather stayed dry all day too, which was a bonus.

Lots of entrants in the ever popular bike show

I didn't envy the judges as not only were the normal 7 FYP show awards up for grabs, but also 5 BSH Custom Build Off Competition awards, plus a further one sponsored by the Rock and Bike Show - 13 in total .... organising the ride past to collect their trophies was like herding cats !!!

Lots of show awards this year

Yep, marshalling the FYP Custom Show is very hard work ;-)

marshalling the FYP Custom Show is very hard work

Meanwhile that afternoon, the comedy show proved most entertaining (if somewhat rude).

Most of the crew were marshalling in the Blues Tent Saturday night, but Steve & Justine had the evening off so Justine was dragged kicking and screaming to watch the awesome Limehouse Lizzy, who were, simply awesome (if you are a Thin Lizzy fan obviously).

Limehouse Lizzy

Come Sunday morning, it was the best weather of the weekend, hot and sunny ... typical ... although packing up a dry tent (in the dry) is always a bonus.

All in all, another brilliant FYP, in fact, one of the best. A huge thanks to our interpid Blues Tent Marshals, all 11 of them. Attendance this year was around the 5,500-6,000 mark .... we had probably pipped last years total, and had a good number of 'on the gate' ticket purchases (at a tenner more than pre-books, all the more into the MAG fighting fund).

The FYP is an awesome event. If you have never been to the FYP you must, if the weather puts you off, don't let it, the FYP should be on every bikers bucket list, every year !!! It's also held in a rather lovely location.

See you at the 31st FYP in 2017 !!!