Event Reports

Huddersfield MAG Twelvety Party - Saturday 17th October 2009

Seven Wakefield MAG members attended the Huddersfield MAG Twelvety Party on Saturday 17th October, at the Gas Works Club in Huddersfield. Several other MAG branches were also in attendance, including East Yorkshire, Leeds, Colne Valley & York, as well as Huddersfield (obviously, it being their party !!!).

Deputy Dawg Eddie enjoying himself with Nicki (York MAG), Sandie & Tracey (Hudds MAG)

The live band for the evening were 3 Daze Lost, who did a cracking job of keeping us all entertained.

3 Daze Lost

Lots of classic rock covers, multiple Green Day tracks (they are a bit of a Green Day cover band), bit of punk (ah, how it takes you back to the late 70's), bit of the Eagles (but speeded up considerably), and even Britney Spears (but thankfully, only as a joke !!!).

Bit of a bop to the band

Before and after was the obligatory rock disco.

Huddersfield MAG had laid on both a raffle and a tombola as a fund raiser. Mick was the only Wakefield MAG member who had any luck with the raffle, coming away with a Ducati Garage Floor mat and a bottle of beer.

Mick was the only Wakefield MAG winner in the raffle

After multiple unsuccessful attempts at trying to win a set of Stanley screwdrivers on the tombola, I threw in the towel, made a cash offer and bought them instead !!!!

A grand night out, and it was good to support Huddersfield MAG, as they have been very supportive of our events this year.

A grand night out