Event Reports

Wakefield MAG NY500 cafe (Pickering) Rideout - Sunday 17th October 2021

I wasn't expecting a huge turnout for this event as it had just started to rain as I left home and continued as I pulled into the Redbeck car park but I was pleasantly surprised to see 3 x more bikes already there which is one more than last time. The rain kept falling as we had breakfast and discussed our options but at 9am precisely the rain stopped and the sky cleared so decision made we were off.

Pulling out of the car park we turned right towards Featherstone but before getting there turned left towards Castleford and onwards towards Pontefract and knottingley. Regular readers probably will not be too surprised to learn we did not go by more conventional (boring) routes but instead chose the more winding (interesting) options. Onwards through Sherburn we came out opposite Escrick estate vaguely familiar for some reason. After crossing the river at Cawood and again at Breighton we made our way through Pocklington where we started a long climb towards Garrowby. Up until now the rain had held off although the roads were very wet and covered in mud in some places usually on blind bends which added a bit of interest to the journey. Up ahead the sky had grown very dark and looked like heavy rain was imminent however as we rode on regardless we discovered it wasn't rain but thick fog which added further interest to our journey as we now couldn't see where we were going and had to ride one handed the other constantly wiping moisture from the visor. Nevertheless we rode on to Fridaythorpe and pulled into Seaways cafe for a coffee and to warm up and discuss proceedings so far.

This is where my journey ended as disaster occurred as I dismounted my bike and stared in disbelief at my tyre pressure monitor as it flashed alarmingly and counted down the pressure in my rear tyre which was flat as a fart within seconds. This disaster was compounded by tragedy as I realised that my tyre puncture repair kit was on the shelf in the garage where I had put it the day before having removed it from my seat bag and failing to put it in my top box. There was nothing for it I had to call vehicle recovery - Rescuemycar.com who I can't praise highly enough for their excellent and efficient speedy service and who advertise in The Road magazine and if you do not have vehicle rescue I strongly suggest you give them a call. It has to be said that while waiting to be recovered I had at least three offers of help from other motorcyclists who sensibly did have repair kits with them and had noticed my predicament. Nonetheless I had already made the call and decided not to take the risk of a temporary repair and instead elected to be taken directly to Not Your Average Bikes in Ossett where luckily for me James and the rest of the crew were having a staff BSB party and so could accept delivery of my bike straight into the workshop where I collected it next day after the tyre had been professionally repaired.

The rest of the merry band decided they would carry on to NY500 cafe as there was nothing they were able to do by staying with me so I waved them farewell.

Other than the remembrance rideout this was probably the final one of 2021 but if we should have some decent weather in the coming weeks or months there is no reason for not having another however it will probably be at short notice so keep your eye on the website or social media or ask Martin to be included in the WhatsApp rideout group.

That's it from me.

Ride safe
Mick (ride-out co-ordinator)

Rideout Report Part Deux

Ok, so after Mick's unfortunate puncture I picked up the lead from Seaways and we headed out to Sledmere, following signs towards Scarborough until we hit the A64 at the bottom of Staxton Hill.

The weather had picked up a bit with dry roads and even the odd bit of sunshine! Left onto the 64 then a right at West Heslerton until we hit the A170 towards Pickering. Passing through Thornton Le Dale, just outside Pickering, we rode by Matthewson's Auctioneers of 'Bangers and Cash' fame and then into Pickering itself where we turned left onto the A169.

A right turn just off this road lead us to the NY500 cafe where we'd expected some kind of bike meet (as this had been advertised as was the purpose of our trip). No bike meet but a couple of dozen Toyota MR2s in the car park along with an few bikes and cars.

The cafe is a fairly new build and has a display of a few interesting bikes and cars .......

NY500 cafe
NY500 cafe
NY500 cafe
NY500 cafe
NY500 cafe
NY500 cafe

Looks like this place might grow as time goes by and certainly has potential for becoming a popular meet up place.

After food and drink we headed back towards the A64 dropping onto this at the Eden Camp junction then off again at the A19, retracing our route back through Escrick and Cawood etc until we all peeled of home.

All in all not a bad ride, weather could have been better at the start and Mick's punctured rear was a 'bummer' yes, every pun intended!

We really did ought to advertise these Wakey MAG ride-outs and stop keeping them secret, maybe that way we'd get more attendees.

Martin Burgess