Event Reports

Guest Speaker (Steve Clarke, NABD) - Wednesday 18th July 2012

We hosted a guest speaker, in the form of Steve Clarke, NABD Rep, at our branch meeting on Wednesday 18th July. Steve gave us a brief talk about NABD (National Association for Bikers with a Disability), then opened up the floor for questions. A few of the pertinent points were:

Anyone can join NABD, you don't have to be disabled yourself, but your membership fees will help to get a disabled rider back on the road.

We also took the opportunity to present in person, our own donation of £100, which we had raised at our auction, earlier in the year.

Presenting our donation cheque

We do hope that our delay in presenting the cheque (by waiting until we could present this in person) wasn't the reason the grants system had to be suspended :-(

All in all, a great charitable cause and a huge thanks to Steve for talking the time to come and talk to us and answer questions.