Event Reports

Spat out of Hull Rally Report - Friday 18th - Sunday 20th September 2009

Report by Sue & Mo

After a delayed start on Friday 18th September, we set off to our first stop, the Woodside Cafe for a Spam Breakfast / Dinner, then onwards to our destination, the Spat out of Hull Rally at Dene Park Rugby Club in Beverley, to find another four of our contingent already waiting for us.

What kept you ?

We pitched our tents under the strict instructions of Tracey to form a circle, only to be told it was more of a square than a circle but hey ho !!!

Pitch those tents

With the tents erected, Lorna, Vickie and Sue went in search of the most important of supplies .... Beer !!!

Partying then started with some partying harder than others. Two members of the group, having obviously peaked too early, went back to their tents after enjoying a proper meal on proper plates (posh rallying in East Yorkshire !!!).

More Partying

On Saturday morning all enjoyed a nice full breakfast at great prices and tastes to match. Nine of us then got ready and had a ride out to Brid for the day, whilst the rest of the group sobered up. The ride to Bridlington was uneventful but pleasant, and a good day was had by all, including a very nice meal in a cafe where Chas got his pensioners dinner and pudding, for a bargain price, much to the annoyance of Meerkat Steve (seniority has it's advantages young man). Never mind Steve, you'll be there yourself in a couple of years !!!!

Meerkat Steve wasn't smiling when he found out Chas had paid less than him !!!

On returning to the rally site, we were joined by two more members who had kept up the Wakefield MAG tradition of getting lost.

All the group went down to the club house to do some more partying. Most of the group sat outside listening to the bands and enjoying the antics that were going on, Mo leaning on the back rest that was not there and falling on the floor, and in true Wakefield fashion, no one helped him (as we were all laughing too hard), but he was soon back on his feet and OK (barring his ego obviously).

More Partying
More Partying
More Partying

On Sunday morning people got up in dribs and drabs, some with bad heads and some with googly eyes and legs that wouldn't work properly. After breakfast, people started to pack up, slowly, due in part to last night's excesses, and also it was such a lovely warm day, there was no great rush.

Ready for home

When all ready, we set off home taking the scenic route through Beverley town centre, only taking a wrong turn once (well, we are the Lost Riders of Wakefield). All arrived home safely, even Sue's trike which over heated in style on the M62, but after giving her a drink (the Trike, not Sue), she made it home OK.

All hot & bothered

Another most splendid Spat out of Hull rally, and a good weekend was had by all.

Pingy had a great time !!!