Event Reports

Cath's Leaving Do - Wednesday 18th October 2017

Wakefield MAG member Cathy Parker, is retiring to sunny Spain and as a fitting 'send-off' (because we do like to look after our members in Wakefield MAG), we held a Leaving Do for her on Wednesday 18th October. Nine of us met up at our HQ, the Grey Horse at 7:00pm, for a couple of drinks prior to making our way to the Rice n Spice (formerly Raj Poot's) on Kirkgate, fine purveyors of Indian (Bangladeshi if you really want to split hairs) cuisine.

The restaurant came well recommended by Martin, who had been recently on a works do. The rest of us hadn't been (either at all, or not since the Raj Poot days).

Caths Leaving Do

We are pleased to report that the recommendation was a sound one and the food was pretty spot on. Steve ordered a Vindaloo and asked for it hot, then mentioned to the proprietor it was a little bit mild ..... A 'special' sauce was then made up with his best Naga chillies, which gave it the required extra 'pep'.

Caths Leaving Do

Simon tried a miniscule bit, then spent the rest of the evening complaining how he had just eaten moulten lava and his mouth was on fire (how we all laughed). P.S. A free bottle of beer was awarded to Steve for finishing the 'special' sauce, one of only 3 to ever do so apparently. The bill was very reasonable too when it came, considering we all had, ahem, 'several' drinks in there.

Following the meal, a few of us headed home (especially those with early starts the next day), the rest went to that Mecca of fine beers and ale in the Merrie City, Fernandes Brewery Tap and Bier Keller.

All in all, a very fitting send off to Cath (who's not actually gone yet ;-) ..... so, more of a staying do LOL. A great evening and we didn't stop laughing all night .... especially after Simon's dabble with the 'special' sauce.

I dare say this may well become a regular occurance ... and not just when someone is leaving the Group.