Event Reports

6th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite - Wednesday 18th November 2009

We held our 6th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite on Wednesday 18th November, in the Grey Horse. We had a record attendance this year with 13 teams taking part, totalling over 80 people. The back room of the Grey Horse was absolutely packed out, and we had to borrow numerous tables and chairs from the lounge bar. Great to welcome along teams from the VJMC, VSOC (Yorkies), York Bike Night, Leeds MAG, Huddersfield MAG, York MAG, Barnsley MAG, 5 Towns MCC, Colne Valley MAG & others (thousand apologies if you haven't got a mention), in addition to several Wakefield MAG teams.

Selection of happy quiz goers

We had a revised format to the quiz this year with 60 questions in total being asked, 30 pure bike / biking knowledge questions and 30 general knowledge (but with a bike related link, however tenuous).

Selection of happy quiz goers

First set of 5 were TV/Film related general knowledge, then 5 bike related, 5 music, 5 motorcycle sport, 5 history, 5 bike knowledge, 5 current affairs, 5 bike knowledge, 5 geography, 5 bike knowledge, 5 general sport, rounding off with a final 5 bike knowledge. Some of the bike knowledge questions really tested the grey matter, but if it's too easy, it's not worth winning is it ?

York Bike Night team struggling for that elusive answer

A 20 minute fag / drink / food break was taken after all the questions had been asked, time to swap the papers with your neighbouring team ready for marking, with Lisa, our ever keen fund raiser selling tickets for our weekly raffle. Some players were cheating slightly with crafty 'phone-a-friend' lifelines, but we won't go into that (will we Barnsley Bob !!!).

Selection of happy quiz goers

Time then to go through the answers and mark the papers, and what a fiesty crowd it was in the Grey Horse that night, with folks clamoring for that extra point (amazing how beer prizes brings out the competitive nature in people isn't it ?!?!?!).

Didn't get that one right

And the results of the Quiz were ............ cue drum roll ..........

Previous years, the quiz has either made a loss (having failed to cover the cost of the prizes), or just about broke even. This year, the quiz, together with the raffle, raised 125, which after deducting the cost of the prizes, made MAG a hundred quid. What a fantastic result. Equally amazing (although it is more of a miracle to be honest) .... Wakefield MAG won our own quiz .... the first time in 6 years. Although with just a point in it, there is no resting on our laurels, and we have Leeds MAG (who have won it 4 times previously), very much snapping at our heels.

Record attendance at the 6th Annual Wakefield MAG Bikers Quiz Nite

It was a brilliant night and the split bike & general knowledge theme went down very well, so I think we'll be repeating that format next year. Educational and fun (why couldn't school have been like this ?!?!!?).

Record attendance at the 6th Annual Wakefield MAG Bikers Quiz Nite

A huge thanks again to everyone who turned up and contributed to a most memorable quiz .... which WE WON !!!!!!!!!!