Event Reports

Wakefield MAG has gone to the Dogs - Friday 19th February 2010

Over thirty of us met at Kinsley Greyhound Racing Stadium, just before 7:00pm on Friday 19th February, for our much awaited trip to the dog racing. Great to welcome along a large contingent from our good friends at York MAG too.

Lisa was acting as Mum and collected all our 7's (to add to our 5 deposits already paid) so she could pay us all in, but not before our obligatory group photo.

Our obligatory group photo, at Kinsley dog track

Once in, we were led to our reserved tables, with a prime viewing spot, right next to the track.

Our prime viewing spot

We were on the 12 Super Six Party Booking, and for that we got:

The basket meals were far better than we expected, with a huge range to choose from. Not enough for Meerkat Steve, but there again, the lad does take some filling !!!!

Top Fodder

The racing started at 7:45pm and there were races every 15 minutes, right until 10:15pm. The dogs cover the 465 metre track in around 30 seconds, which is really motoring. None of us really knew what we were betting or betting on, but with bets from 50p, it didn't really matter. Most of us tried various types of pools and order types ...... most of us didn't win. Some of us tried studying the form, others just bet on the same number every time, others on the name (all the Suzuki riders chose Reckless Bandit) ..... the result was pretty much the same.

Lots of losing betting slips

Geoff came closest to scooping the 12 grand prize money on the Super Six jackpot, with 3 consecutive wins ....... but after that it all went down hill.

And a good time was had by all

At the end of the evening, lady luck had shone on some (but not by much) .... others had lost up to twenty five quid (which is only the equavalent to a few pints in town on a weekend), but it was quite unanimous that we had all had an absolutely brilliant night and we will definately be going again.

Well done to Lisa, our Social Secretary for booking a cracking night.

The Winnng Line