Event Reports

Wakefield MAG 8th Pet Food Run - Sunday 19th March 2017

Pet Food Run

Eight members on four bikes and one car (boot full of dog food that wouldn't have gone on a bike no matter how hard you tried to strap it on ... well, that's our excuse) attended this years Charity Pet Food Run on Sunday 19th March. We met at Redbeck then had a short ride / drive over to East Ardsley and to our first stop, Whitehall Dog Rescue. We met Brain the proprietor and handed over our doggy donations.

The doggy donations at Whitehall

We didn't bother with a tour of the kennels this year as we had all seen the kennels in previous years and the great work that Whitehall do.

Time then to saddle up (get in the car) and head the short distance to our second stop, the Wakefield & Leeds Branch of RSPCA, also in East Ardsley.

The doggy donations at RSPCA

We had a tour of the RSPCA kennels, which are very impressive, having been open for just over a year (previously they rented kennel space from the old MyPetStop boarding kennels in Tingley). In addition to dogs, the RSPCA also rescue cats and rabbits. It was rather an eventful visit for Kane and Sarah as they fell for one of the residents (Bella).


She is now adopted and living with Kane and Sarah and their other cat (and Bella's new sister, Maple). This isn't the first time either that someone on the Pet Food Run has come back with a new furry friend !!!!

A huge thanks to everyone who attended and donated cash, dog food and other doggie related items, for the Charity run.

RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield District Animal Rescue

The RSPCA Leeds, Wakefield and District Branch promotes kindness and prevents cruelty to animals in the local area. They are a separately registered branch of the RSPCA and are primarily responsible for raising their own funds locally, relying heavily on the funds generated by their own network of charity shops and the tireless fundraising in the community, without which they would be unable to carry on their important animal welfare activities in the district.
RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield District Rescue
Registered Charity No. 232223

Whitehall Dog Rescue

Whitehall Dog Rescue was set up by Brian Wheelhouse in 1992 after finding out that stray and unwanted dogs collected by dog wardens or handed in to the police had a very short time to live if they didn't find a home (7 days). Brian ran a motorcycle and car sales business in Leeds and decided to try and help the plight of these poor unwanted dogs, so he converted part of his showroom and built in kennels to accommodate his new guests. A licence was sought from Leeds City council to make sure kennels came to specification. These kennels were used right up to 2004 and helped saved the lives of hundreds of dogs. The dog rescue became a full time operation and relocated to a farm in East Ardsley in Wakefield where he continues to rescue dogs from death row. The dogs are looked after until loving and caring homes can be found. Whitehall became a registered charity in September 2009.
Whitehall Dog Rescue
Registered Charity No. 1131552