Event Reports

2nd Lincolnshire Splitters Rally - Friday 19th - Sunday 21st August 2011

The weekend of 19-21 August saw over twenty Wakefield & Barnsley MAG members head down to Spilsby in Lincolnshire, for the 2nd Lincolnshire Splitters Rally. The Splitters started last year as a house warming cum get together for good friends of Wakefield MAG veterans Igor & Corinne, who had recently moved to the wilds of Lincolnshire. This year followed a very similar theme.

Some arrived in the afternoon, with the remainder arriving after work. Up with the tents in Corinne & Igor's substantial back garden, then time to open the tinnies and settle down for Friday's cracking evening meal: meat & potato pie, boiled spuds, mushy peas & mint sauce, with sherry trifle for afters. Not your ordinary rally fayre, but then again, this is no ordinary rally !!!!

Friday afternoon and the drink is flowing

The evening ended with a bonfire and more tinnies, Jagermeister, Ouzo and various other concoctions.

Friday Bonfire

Jagster had to be escorted to bed by Lorna after his legs went a little wobbly, and Meerkat Steve was yodelling for England later that night (the meat pie obviously disagreed with him).

Saturday saw Meerkat & Ian a little worse for wear, so much so they skipped breakfast and stayed round their tents all day. The rest of us had a rideout to Bracing Skegness, Jewel of the Lincolnshire Coast. We had a walk up and down the high street, forced Lorna (literally) to buy a dress, enjoyed fish & chips then hit the funfair. Most of us had a go on the rides and poor old Jagster really didn't enjoy the Extreme Ride at all - to say he looked a little green around the gills was an understatement.

I dont feel at all well

We then had a ride back to Spilsby and a pint in the sun before heading back to Corinne & Igor's. Saturday night was fancy dress night with the girls wearing dresses (dresses are fancy dress for most of our 'lady' members !!!!). Yes, Lorna did wear a dress, a most rare occasion indeed !!!!

Lorna in a dress

The lads had to wear a Hawaiian shirt of some description. Steve our Rep got the wrong end of the stick, mistaking Hawaii for Henley and wore a striped blazer, bow tie, straw boater, monocle and a pipe !!!! Didn't he look a **** !!!

Lord Haw Haw

Lots of photo ops then time for the monster BBQ, washed down with yet more beverages of the alcoholic variety and followed up with a rock (of sorts) disco and the mandatory bonfire.

Fancy Dress
Friday Bonfire

Rain put a stop to the bonfire later on but not before we are all ready for bed anyway.

A cracking weekend, with good friends in a lovely location. Does it ever get better than that !?!?!?

A huge thanks to Corinne, Igor & Ziggy the dog for putting up with us all weekend !!! Ziggy has since been getting all excited every time she hears an engine, thinking we are all coming back !!!! Same time next year Zig !!!!

Ziggy enjoyed herself