Event Reports

11th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite - Wed 19th November 2014

We held our 11th Wakefield MAG Biker Quiz Nite on Wednesday 19th November, in our HQ, the Grey Horse on Kirkgate, Wakefield. Our meeting room was packed out with 13 teams representing Leeds MAG, Huddersfield MAG, Sheffield & Rotherham MAG, Barnsley & Doncaster MAG, Wakefield MAG (obviously), West Yorkshire VJMC, York Bike Night & many others (thousand apologies if you haven't got a mention).

The packed room
The packed room

We followed our tried and tested format, with 60 questions in total being asked, 30 pure bike / biking knowledge questions and 30 general knowledge.

After collecting the entry fees and issuing the answer sheets and pens, we started around quarter past 8 with the first set, all about Motorcycle Sport, then 5 general knowledge, then 5 bike questions, 5 general knowledge and so on, with a brief break at the half way point, until all 60 had been asked. We then had a 20 minute break, when we ran a raffle, for the chance of winning 3 prizes, in addition to the quiz prizes.

Last place, Wakefield MAG's sharon & Terry et al

Time then to swap the papers with your neighbouring team ready for marking. But before we went through the quiz answers, we drew the raffle and had 3 winners already, regardless of their quiz scores.

Raffle Winner
Raffle Winner

We then went through the answers and there was lots of clamouring for that extra ½ point (amazing how beer prizes brings out the competitive nature in people isn't it ?!?!?!).

The papers were then swapped back and we had a poll to find out who had won.

Nobody had 50-60 right, or 40-50, but 1st place, with a most impressive 36 points, was Leeds MAG.

First Place, Leeds MAG
First Place, Leeds MAG

Leeds MAG have a bit of a history with this quiz, having won it outright six times (2004-2007 & 2012-2013) & coming second twice (2008 & 2009). Being first, Team Captain Martin had the choice of prize, and opted for a case of Stella (good choice, as it was the most expensive !!!). They also got to retain the champions trophy, which had just come from Leeds earlier, only to return again after a couple of hours !!!

Second place went to Sheffield & Rotherham MAG, with 30 points. Team Captain Oliver opted for the case of John Smiths.

Second Place, Sheffield & Rotherham MAG

Third place, with 27 points, went to the Wakefield Part Timers. Team Captain Mark (who hasn't been to a meeting for two years, hence the 'Part Timer' tag) had the case of Fosters to share between the team - he later said he felt a bit guilty, having not been for so long and then walking away with a prize ... but funnily enough, the guilt quickly wore off once the beer had been cracked open ;-) LOL

Third place, Wakefield Part Timers

Finally, it was time to determine that equally highly contested prize (and the only one worth winning in my opinion) - the Booby Prize for coming last. We started the count backwards from zero to 10, then 10 to 20, and the winners of this most prestigious category, with a mediocre 15 points, was the Wakefield MAG team of Sharon & Terry Scott et al (but hey, at least we can win something in our own quiz !!!)

Sharon had the dubious honour of receiving the coverted booby prize, which does the rounds on all our competitive events - the fat bird on a scooter trophy !!!!! Also thrown in was a four pack of Morrisons Savers Lager (there is a greater alcohol content in tap water than this bargain brew ;-)

Last place, Wakefield MAG's sharon & Terry et al

A huge thanks to everyone who attended the Wakefield MAG Quiz. I think it's fair to say we all had a scream. Congratulations to all teams, it was a brilliant night and a good time was had by all. Educational and fun (why couldn't school have been like this ?!?!!?).

and the icing on the cake ....

The quiz raised £59.61 (no idea where the 61p came from) and the raffle £112, giving a grand total of £171.81 (£145.32 profit after the cost of the prizes has been deducted), which goes towards the MAG Fighting fund. The highest amount previous years quizzes had raised was £112. Awesome ... no other word for it.

A huge thanks again to everyone who turned up and contributed to a most memorable quiz. Hope to see you at our 12th quiz in a years time !!!