Event Reports

Farmyard Party - Fri 20th - Sun 22nd June 2008

Wakefield MAG at the 2008 FYP

Wakefield MAG once again hit the Farmyard Party en-mass with well over twenty members in attendance, including twelve of us who rode in on the advance party from the Grey Horse on the Thursday evening. We had an eventful journey there when Jason's back wheel snapped a spoke and the tyre promptly deflated (luckily we were stationary in a lay-by on the A64 at the time, otherwise it could have had serious consequences). Fortunately, with the help of a tin of tyre weld, courtesy of Chas, he managed to limp it to a nearby garage, get a lift to the site, then get it fixed ready for the ride home on Sunday. A first and long awaited outing for Sue's trike also - the 'Menstrual Cycle' has finally hit the road, and quite splendid it looks too !!!

Sue's Trike

As we were not marshalling till late Friday afternoon, we spent Friday lunchtime in the pub in Helmsley Square (as we have done for the past few years on the trot), and very pleasant it was too. The weather this year was much better than last year, although it did start pouring down on the Saturday afternoon and well into the evening. However, it didn't dampen the spirits, we all had a brilliant time, and this years FYP was an absolute cracker. Young Jason was treated to the Rally Virgin humiliation of being ridden around the site on Sue's trike, wearing only a Ra-Ra skirt and feather boa, not something we normally do, but he was secretly looking forward to it, and would have been very disappointed if we hadn't done something for him, and Wakefield MAG doesn't like to disappoint it's members !!!

Rally Virgin JasonRally Virgin Jason

A most splendid effort by all the Wakefield MAG members who did a tremendous job marshalling in the Blues tent, including three new members who have never marshalled before. The marshalling shifts went like clockwork and there was a nice chilled out atmosphere on both Friday & Saturday night (both marshals & rally goers I hasten to add). A huge thanks to all of Wakefield’s volunteer marshals, giving sterling service as always. The FYP is MAG’s premier fund raising event and it is the unpaid volunteer marshals that make the rally as successful as it is !!! Well done to all.

It will be a while before the official figures are released, but we do know that over 6,500 tickets were bought before the event, and there were a large number of people buying tickets on the gate on the Friday and Saturday. I'll let you know what the event made for MAG in due course, but all the indications are that it was another bumper year, and long may it continue.

Arial Shot of the site