Event Reports

Lincolnshire Splitters Rally - Fri 20th - Sun 22nd August 2010

The Splitters Rally was an invitation only get together at Wakefield MAG original members Corinne and Igor's new Lincolnshire 'out in the sticks' country home, held on the weekend of 20th - 22nd August. A sort of rally, come house warming, come excuse for a pi$$ up (as if you ever need one !!!!)

Well, we all arrived in dribs and drabs, all taking different routes, to be greeted by Corinne and Igor , and of course Ziggy the Dog. Once all erections (tents obviously) were completed, the beer run was organised, with Lisa, Lorna and Sue going on the trike to the local supermarket. On their return, the drinks started to flow and laughter was heard well down the lane.

A few drinks

During the festivities, the BBQ was lit and large amounts of food was cooked and eaten to be followed by Corinne's special SHERRY trifle (no other alcohol was needed for the rest of the night). The rally bonfire was lit at 09:30 just as it got dark, everybody sat round the fire chilling and waiting for Steve the Meerkat to arrive. On arrival, he was greeted with a bottle to drink and a plate of food, which was followed by a very LARGE bowl of trifle. In true rally fashion, people then started to retire to bed.

Saturday morning dawned with everybody getting up in stages, Corinne's Cafe kitchen was then open with tea and coffee on tap. In her sexy cooks trousers Corinne started to cook the breakfast - 13 full English with bread was served and delicious it was.

When going to get changed for the ride out a large scream was heard then Sue was seen frantically scrambling out of the tent, between laughter and tears it was ascertained that it was ONLY A TINY LITTLE BABY FROG (she hates frogs). Then, in true rally fashion, a convoy of bikes and trikes left for the seaside.



At the coast, fun was had by walking on the beach and having a paddle, then some of the group then went for a ride on the log flume, Tracey then playing hell as she had a wet backside, before returning to Spilsby for the Ambi fest.

Ambi Fest at Spilsby

Having just the one beer (we were riding after all) and listening to 4 bands (some that could show the rally bands a thing or two), it was time to head back for the evenings entertainment, via a beer run again.

On our return, we found the 'dance tent' up and running with resident DJ Smoothie (well, a neighbour of Corinne and Igor's).

Mick doing a bit of Karaoke

Our evening was kicked off by us having a few beers and listening to Eddie rapping on the Karaoke machine (brave man). Whilst enjoying the evening waiting for the BBQ, God decided to make us appreciate he British Summer by giving us a monumental downpour, but this did not deter us as we carried on Partying by dancing on the tables and in the rain.


Between monsoons, a BBQ was had and lots of drinking. As the evening progressed Tracey won the wet T-Shirt content, and people made their way to the 'dance tent' for the next stage of entertainment. On came MADAM FT with her side kick !!! This was a huge hit with us all.

Madam FT

After a short time party goers then returned to the camp fire that had been built Boy Scout style by Pavlo to have a chill out and a dry out. People then started to retire to be disturbed by Sue's dulcet tones (scream) "I cant get out .... I cant get out" ...... Fred the baby frog had returned !!!

Next morning the sun decided to shine and people started to get up at their leisure to be greeted by another full English breakfast with tea and coffee, served buy our very own topless waitress/waiter (Macca). We then had another ride out to the vintage car and bike show in Spilsby to allow the tent to dry out.

A few drinks

After an hour or so there we headed back to Corinne's to start to pack up for our return journey's home.

A big Thank You to our hosts who played pop as they were presented with a large bouquet of flowers and some chocolate buttons for Igor.

Thank you to Corinne & Igor

A fantastic weekend was had by all who attended with true commitment shown by Mr Meerkat who travelled to and from Wakefield visiting his better half Joanne in hospital and still taking part in the weekend.

For those who missed the weekend, you missed the best rally of the year.

Next year, invite and pre book only, with those attending this year getting first refusal. Thanks again Corinne and Igor and not forgetting Ziggy for a great time.

The one and only Corinne

And a more succinct report from Daz:
We arrived
We got drunk
We got fed
We had a ride out
We had entertainment
We packed up
We came home
But best of all we had a bloody great weekend
Thanks Corinne and Igor

Says it all really !!!!

Homer enjoyed the weekend too