Event Reports

Chas' Surprise 80th Birthday Party - Tuesday 20th September 2022

Wakefield MAG Stalwart, Deputy Rep, champion fund raiser and all round fine upstanding pillar of society, Mr Charles Milner Esq, was 80 in early September. We organised a surprise birthday bash for him on Tuesday 20th September at 20:00 at the Thatched House. We organised it all in secret, so he thought it was just a normal meeting. We had a great turnout of past and present members, together with a contingent from Huddersfield MAG, who were all there early. Martin had deliberately sent a message to Chas saying Steve the Rep was going to be late so don't get to the meeting early. The ruse worked and he walked into the room completely unaware of the reception awaiting him .. cue singing Happy Birthday and he's a jolly good fellow.

Birthday Boy

Steve the Thatched House Landlord put on a great buffet for all of us all (at cost as he didn't want to make a profit from us - Top Guy !!!). After the buffet, we lit the candles on Chas' birthday cake which he duly blew out.

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake

Absolutely cracking night and so glad we were able to pull it off as a total surprise .... In his thank you speech Chas was a little bit lost for words .... Happy 80th Birthday Chas, and I hope I'm still biking at 80 :-)

And, from the birthday boy himself:

Well everyone thank you so much for the Big 80 Surprise Party last night. You certainly pulled one over on me this time, shocked was an understatement, did not have a clue.

Thanks guys and gals for everything, also to Steve and Staff at Thatched House for his Hospitality, week on week, very much appreciated