Event Reports

Fred Hill Memorial Run - Sunday 21st February 2016

Seven Wakefield MAG members on six bikes met at the Redbeck Cafe on Doncaster Road, Wakefield, for the Annual Leeds MAG Fred Hill Memorial Run. The weather wasn't too bad for February, cold but dry(ish). A selection of fried breakfast products and hot beverages were consumed, before saddling up and heading to Squires, arriving there around 10:30. Steve, Chas and Andy arrived shortly after having gone directly to Squires. We met up with a good number of other Yorkshire MAG & MCC members, and some more of our crew in the form of Andy Mac and Eddie J. Sam rocked up having got slightly lost trying to find Squires, and had ended up in Wetherby !!!! Splendid Effort in keeping our Lost Riders nickname alive Sam !!!

Our Fund Raising Terrier, Chas Milner (never a man to miss an opportunity), sold raffle tickets to win a fiver, and raise funds for MAG.

Chas, our raffle ticket selling terrier

Lots of cars were at Squires with a meet of some club or other - cue lots of 'Pimp my ride' VW's, Audi's and BMW Mini's with hydraulic suspension that lowered the bodywork to within a Rizla paper's thickness to the road. Begs the question ... Why. With all that money thrown at those, you could buy a proper prestige or performance car .... or better still ..... lot's of motorcycle exotica .... each to their own I suppose.

We had a quick team photo then time to saddle up (and make lots more noise than the pimped cars).

Team Photo at Squires

Around 35 bikes all set off at 11:30 from Squires and followed the same route as previous years, via Sherburn, Tadcaster, Boston Spa, Collingham, Harewood and Arthington to the Sun Inn at Norwood, Nr Otley.

The wind on the tops at the Sun Inn was ferocious. You nearly got blown over just trying to park up, then watched as the bikes rocked alarmingly on their side stands from the wind. Other than the wind, there was a bit of light rain, but not much, and it was quite mild (in contrast to previous years where it has been downright freezing).

A quick chin wag with the others then we were all called for the 'official' team photo.

Team Photo at Sun Inn

All in all, a good rideout, which really blew (literally !!!) the winter cobwebs away. A very fitting tribute to Fred Hill, a true MAG hero, and a rather good start to the 2016 riding season !!!! A huge thanks to Leeds MAG for putting on an excellent Fred Hill Memorial Run (as always).

And finally, a huge thanks to the 12 Wakefield MAG members in attendance, who made up a third of the run participants. 75 Branch points duly awarded to all ... and with that wind to contend with, they were hard earned !!!