Event Reports

Charity Pet Food Run - Sunday 21st March 2010

Twenty five bikes and two trikes took part in Wakefield MAG's inaugural Pet Food Run on Sunday 21st March. †We assembled at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms with our huge collection of dog food, collars, leads, blankets, assorted doggie treats & toys, fastened onto our bikes & trikes, some by quite ingenious methods.

Group photot at Stork Lodge Tea Rooms

After our obligatory group photo, we headed out of Wakefield on the A650 towards our first stop, Whitehall Dog Rescue in East Ardsley. We were greeted at Whitehall by Brian the proprietor.

We were greeted at Whitehall by Brian the proprietor

Brian gave us all a guided tour of the centre and a very knowledgeable potted history of all the dogs in need of new Mumís & Dadís.

Dogs in need of new Mumís & Dadís

Next came an introduction to the permanent residentís of the centre - dogs that for various health reasons canít really be adopted.

Whitehall's permanent residents
Whitehall's permanent residents
Whitehall's permanent residents

We were all hugely impressed with Whitehall, and the terrific work that they do. †Morrisonís Supermarket provide dog food to Whitehall (way to go Morrisonís !!!!), but that still leaves lots of other items that they are dependant on charitable donations for, to continue their great work. †We donated various doggie treats & toys, blankets, towels, leads/collars and other items.

Doggy treats donation

We also presented the proceeds of a collection taken at the start of the ride-out, towards vetís bills, a total of some £60.

We then assembled and set off towards our second call of the day, Ponderosa Animal Rescue in Allerton Bywater. †We took the back route out of East Ardsley along Fall Lane, onto Long Thorpe Lane (B6135), then onto Thorpe Lower Lane (A654), staying on this road through Rothwell and Oulton, then taking the A639 through Methley and into Castleford. †In Cas, we took the A656 (Lock Lane) towards Allerton Bywater, and Ponderosa on Nineveh Lane.


After offloading the various bags of dog food we had brought along, we had a tour of Ponderosa, meeting the various dogs (and cats) in need of new homes.

Ponderosa resident

Cats too

It was great to see that a good few of the Ponderosa residents already had new Ďparentsí lined up.

Following the tour, we all headed off in several different directions, with some going onto Squires for a cuppa, others heading off for a mystery tour rideout, and others heading home for various domestic chores etc.

It was a great first rideout of the year for the branch, in rather nice weather, and we were all unanimous that this will become an annual event.

a great first rideout of the year

A huge thanks to everyone who donated cash and dog food and other doggie related items, for the Charity run. †Particular thanks also have to go to John Millea & Sons of Hemsworth (01977 610229), who very kindly donated a huge bag of dog food, for the most worthy cause.