Event Reports

Rideout to Bridlington - Sunday 22nd March 2009

Report by Lisa Brooker and her Trusty Tapeworm, Eric

Well after a fab week of glorious weather, a few of us decided a trip to the coast has gotta be in order but typically, the British weather didn’t disappoint on Sunday morning. Very windy and quite chilly and it looked like it was threatening rain but we aint gonna let that stop us. Daz, Martin and Christine and I were the first on the scene in the car park of the Horse and Groom by 9.30am. Soon to follow was my good friends Dave, Faye and Cousin Jim then finally Chaz arrived just bang on 10. Off we set, round the back roads past Squires then got on at the A64 at Tadcaster. Steady ride up, only one stop for Daz to buy his ritual chewing gum then off at the Stamford Bridge turning. But wait, what’s Daz doing, going straight back onto the A64! Blonde moment there, never mind, weaved our way through all the people who also had the same idea of going to the seaside and turned right at Claxton to pick up the Stamford Bridge road. Nice little roads through some woodlands up to Stamford Bridge then carried on up to Seaways café for a toilet and tea break.

Seaway's Cafe

Hang on though, who’s this just come on the Pan European just as we’re leaving, he’s looking at us all, have I got egg on my face lol. Turns out its Paul and his Mrs. They’d just arrived so we said we’d see them in Brid while they had their tea and cig stop. We set off down the old Brid road past Sledmere house, home of the Into the Valley Rally, not long now for that! Nice run and less traffic than the main route.

Daz and I lost the others just as we got to Brid but we all met up again in the Harbour car park, only to be followed a matter of minutes later by Paul and his Mrs. They’d gone the main road way, that’s why they caught up so quick. By this point Eric was starving, fish and chips urgently required. (unfortunately the camera wasn’t out for that one). Such a beautiful day, sea was like a mill pond. Fish n chips went down a treat but as per usual Eric still wasn’t satisfied. I blame the sea air. Off I went in search of my lobster tails which is a must for me. Everyone stands by in amazement as usual at my lack of being full yet. Blame the tapeworm, it aint me!

Got pudding to come yet, where the ice cream shop. I did manage to wait half an hour before the next course after we all had a nice stroll through the fun fair and over to the other side of the beach.

You can see from this pic what a gorgeous day it was. There was two numptys paddling in the sea, you could tell from their faces how bloody cold the water was though. Ouch!

Sunny Brid

I can smell it, yes it is, it’s ice cream! But bloody hell the machine isn’t working so we go in search of another café. Finally I get some Mr Whippy, Eric I think, is finally satisfied.

We all then took a slow walk back across the promenade with some popping into the local rock shops. Daz was in search of his fresh crab to take home for mum.

Seaway's Cafe

By this time it’s 3pm and the wind is really picking up so we all starting heading back to the harbour car park to head off home. After a quick stop for fuel we were on our way. By the time the wind was getting pretty bad. The traffic was getting heavy with people in cars leaving too. It didn’t take long for the group to start getting split up.

We got down to the roundabout where it splits right for Stamford Bridge and left for Goole. Daz, leading again at this point, takes the left turn even though he’s indicating right lol with me immediately behind so I had no choice but to follow. The others got left back because of some idiot on an R1 using his knee to draw a line around the outside of the roundabout island. I tried to slow down for the others to see which we we’d taken but there were too many cars. By this time we were all cold, tired and ready for home so we all just carried on home. Daz and I ended up going on the M62 from Goole with the bikes nearly sideways with the wind and his visor nearly been taken off by the wind off a lorry going past. Boy was I glad to get home, half an hour sat in a red hot bath should do the trick.

All in all though, a great day out was had by all. It aint a Mag ride out unless a turning is missed and that mission was accomplished no problem.