Event Reports

Manchester Event City Motorcycle Show - Saturday 22nd March 2014

This was the 2nd Manchester motorcycle show that I attended this year and very glad I did too for after the first one (see earlier report) I almost didn't bother. However my mate had just sold his Honda Hornet the previous weekend and was looking for inspiration on what to buy next so this show came at an opportune time as there were all the main manufacturers models on display all under one roof and saved having to visit countless different dealerships all over West Yorkshire.

It was an easy relaxed drive along the M62 and onto the M60 where we turned off at Junction 9 and picked up the signs for Event City and were directed into a very large car park which was totally free (NEC take note). On entering the large modern exhibition hall I noticed a lot of smiling faces and a very upbeat atmosphere, in fact the whole place was buzzing with excitement as people made their way from one stand to another and were greeted by friendly helpful exhibitors eager to assist and advise on all matters motorcycling. There was actually loads to see and it took us all day to get around everything although we did linger on some stands a little longer than strictly necessary as there were other attractions besides the bikes and associated paraphernalia.

Mick found some attractions other than bikes

I got my first look at the new Indians on display but would need to sell the house in order to afford one and even then would not want to ride it just in case it rained!

A bike for the price of a house ... almost

I had to virtually prise my mate Chris off the Victory Hammer and he nearly tripped over his bottom lip when I told him his wife would not let him have one.

Trying out a Victory for size

However there were plenty more bikes on display and some unbelievable deals if you were in the market for a new bike.

We moved round to the various club stands and I met some friends I had met last year at the Yorkies party, small world really. The MAG stand was there and manned by North West MAG who reported great feedback and interest from both members and non-members many of whom were converted and signed up on the day.

A fine selection of classic bikes

Next we had a look round the trader's area where there were some genuine bargains on quality kit so if you needed a new helmet or boots or gloves or waterproofs or leathers or you name it you would not have been disappointed. I was unable to prise open my wallet as it is on a time lock otherwise I may well have given my flexible friend a good bashing. We had a look round the classics and the customs next and some stunning examples of skill and perseverance by the owners had gone into these beautiful machines. Some interesting custom bikes

It was getting time for a bite to eat and rather than queue at the cafe we sneaked outside to the burger stall just outside the entrance where we enjoyed a pulled pork roll and a coffee and very nice it was too. Back inside and it was down to some serious bike hunting so we swung a leg over many models from the likes of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Triumph. I guess I may be slightly biased and Chris accused me of being on commission as I pointed him towards the Triumph Tiger which comes with £600.00 of free accessories and is a very affordable £99.00 / month on their current deal which is for this month only. I even went so far as to find him a woman to sit on the back as he needed to know what it would be like when he took his missis pillion.

Hello Tiger

Another familiar face turned up in the shape of Barnsley Bob and we had a natter as you do but he was on a mission to find a fender extender so we said farewell and continued our quest to find the perfect bike which is all very dependent on the individual that will be riding it so is very subjective really. Anyway under absolutely no prompting from me a test ride was arranged at the local Triumph dealership where I shall of course receive my sales introduction commission.

Mick found some attractions other than bikes (AGAIN !!!)

After a very enjoyable and successful day it was time to go home but I am in no doubt that I will return next year and I suspect I won't be the only one as if this show continues to grow and can attract even more traders and exhibitors then it could be a serious rival to the Motorcycle Live event at the NEC. Watch this space.

Ride Safe
Mick 'lets see how many photographs I can get stood next to attractive members of the opposite sex' Culpan