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15th Birthday Bash (Dog Racing Night) - Saturday 22nd April 2017

Dogs Racing

We celebrated our 15th Birthday (belatedly) on Saturday 22nd April with a night at the dogs, and a Super Six Party Booking. This usually cost twelve quid, but for parties of twenty (or more), you get in for a mere fiver (and that fiver includes your admission, 2x drinks voucers and a basket meal) .... absolute bargain, and as we had 26 on our birthday bash, in for a fiver each we went.

Despite booking for 24, it wasn't a case of the venue merely rustling up a couple of extra chairs for our booked table(s) ..... turns out we didn't actually have a table (were they not expecting us to turn up !?!?!?) .... all sorted after 5 minutes of hanging around, as we ended up with a couple of tables right next to the food, and the Tote bookies ... every cloud and all that.

Once settled in, we then promptly all got up again to go to the bar, get our food, or place some bets. The first race was at 7:40, and then generally at 5-10 minute intervals thereafter, until the last race of the night about 10:30.

We all had various degrees of success, but no one really made much money over the course of the evening with their winning bets (unlike other visits). Gambling ..... Pah .... it's a mugs game ;-) However, we all had a scream in the glorious company of our Wakefield MAG extended family, and an incredibly cheap night. Hurrah .... Happy birthday Wakefield MAG !!!!

Happy Punters