Event Reports

Monthly Rideout to Castle Howard - Sunday 22nd September 2013

Sunday 22nd September saw us heading off to Castle Howard for our September ride out ...

Eight bodies on seven bikes met at the Redbeck Motel where petrol tanks and bellies were filled to various degrees (ranging from healthy hot chocolate to even healthier 'full breakfast').

9am and we were on our way heading though Castleford, Ledston and onto Squires Cafe for a short stop. On leaving Squires we followed the road though Cawood and on to Escrick, Elvington and Stamford Bridge. Heading north out of Stamford Bridge we eventually joined the A64 (for a couple of miles only) before turning off and arriving at Castle Howard around midday.

By the time we arrived the sun had well and truly warmed us up and it was time to peel off our hot and sticky leathers and head to the shop for a cold drink .... But not before Sharon prised some money out of us for the 'rideout raffle', and the chance to win some petrol money.

Sharon doing the rideout raffle

Everyone agreed that we'd had a good ride on some really nice B roads, however .... we also agreed that the £14.00 entrance fee (£12.00 for pensioners as Chas mentioned several times) into the house and gardens was a little more than our budgets allowed so the decision was made to continue our journey to Helmsley 13 miles away.

At least this bit of the garden was free

Some more great B roads passing through lovely North Yorkshire villages and we arrived in Helmsley. Parking in the square was pretty much full up so we opted to use the 'Cleveland Way' council run car park just off Church St.

Fitting all our bikes into two car parking spaces seemed a practical thing to do (as the car park was quite full) however we all agreed that the parking charge 'per motorcycle' was completely out of order as the same charges would have applied had we taken up a separate space for every motorcycle (maybe an issue that Yorkshire MAG and/or North Yorkshire MAG Groups could raise with Ryedale District Council).

Outrageous parking charges for motorcycles

A stroll around town followed, mainly debating where to eat, and saw most people heading for the 'chippy' followed by the ice cream shop (all we seem to do is eat!!!).

After an hour or so in Helmsley we headed out on the B1363 (on of my fave roads) and back towards York and into the centre for a fuel stop. Picking up the B1222 out of York found us heading back towards Squires for a second time.

Despite Squires being busy we managed to bump into John and some of his friends from the Five Towns MCC who had also been on a ride out that day. Some friendly chat and banter was exchanged with our fellow bikers (even the odd exchange of phone numbers ... no names mentioned!) before we all headed our separate ways home.

All in all a great day's riding, great weather, with great friends.

Martin Burgess