Event Reports

Wakefield MAG Bingo Night - Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Bingo Night Poster

We held our inaugral Bingo Night on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 at the Grey Horse, and it was great to see the room packed out with 40 folks, all ready to blow 20p per ticket, for the cash and prize bingo, plus other raffle prizes.

Happy Bingo Crowd

We had promised lot's of hilarity and we didn't disappoint.

Malc, our genial Bingo caller turned up at 7:45pm and quickly set up his fancy bingo machine, with Chas on bingo ticket selling duty.

Malc the Bingo Caller and Chas the Ticket Seller

Sharon also did the rounds with our 'normal' raffle tickets, but due to increased numbers, the prize for this was increased to a tenner (our weekly meeting raffle usually nets the winner a fiver).

The bingo started around 8:15 and it wasn't long before we had the first line being claimed, vetted by our resident bingo expert June.

A Winner

Following the successful line (and a nice prize of a fiver), we were then playing for the full house (and a prize of a tenner). Steve showed his total lack of knowledge about Bingo by claiming house for the next full line ... Doh !!! No one managed to get a Snowball (full house in the minimum number), but it wasn't too long before we had a winner.

Another Winner

We played 6 games in total with 6 line winners and a further 6 full house winners, so there were plenty of happy people.

Lots of winners (and happy people)

As well as the standard bingo, we also had a 1-90 draw, with a prize of thirty quid. In addition to our standard raffle, we also sold raffle tickets for the many prizes on offer, including multiple boxes of chocolates, multiple bottles of wine and spirits.

Plenty of Prizes to Win
Becky winning the Prize Raffle

Most people won something, including Dougie, the genial Landlord of the Grey Horse, who was most pleased with his full house (in both senses of the word !!!).

Another Winner

We had no idea how successful the Bingo Night would be, expecting a modest return of around 30 quid. We were quite gob smacked however once we started totting up the proceeds, which were:

Total: £190.10

What an incredible result, far beyond expectations, a fantastic night was had by all, and the promised hilarity was delivered in spades !!!

All the proceeds are going to the MAG Fighting Fund, which will be richer to the tune of nearly two hundred quid !!!

We are already planning the next Bingo night, provisionally booked for March 2015. Hope to see you there.